Ski World Cup: Silver finish by Pertl in the slalom

Ski World Cup: Silver finish by Pertl in the slalom

After the first round, Pertl was completely surprisingly in the lead with a lead of 0.14 seconds over Alex Vinatzer. While the South Tyrolean had to be content with fourth place (+1.20), the 24-year-old from Carinthia kept his nerve at his first World Cup in the final and won the first medal of his career. “It’s unbelievable that it will work out this way today, I never would have expected it. I am overjoyed, ”said Pertl in an interview with ORF.

 The  second best Austrian was Michael Matt in ninth place (+1.56). Marco Schwarz, who had already stood on a slalom podium seven times this season, was eliminated in the second round. © The  Carinthian, who was ranked eighth after the first run, was still on course for medals in the last interim period, but then he threaded. Manuel Feller, who was only in 24th place after the first round, did not finish in the decision either.

1. Sebastian Foss-Solevaag (NOR)
2. Adrian Pertl (NOR)
Henrik Kristoffersen (NOR)

Second place like gold for Pertl

In the end it was up to Pertl to get the eighth medal – the first in silver – for the ÖSV in Cortina. With five golds and two more bronze medals, Austria also won the medal ranking ahead of Switzerland. Pertl only qualified for the World Cup in the last World Cup race with fourth place in Chamonix, in Cortina he was then nominated by the coaching team for the slalom instead of Fabio Gstrein.

“I had to fight to be allowed to start here and now the silver medal. Immense. I’m not the fastest in training, but I was able to implement it quite well in the race. Second today is like a gold medal for me, ”said the 2017 junior world champion, who was also proud of his nerves in the second run.

“I noticed that Sebastian is in the lead. ©

 The n I had to wait two minutes. I thought a lot about what can be done wrong. I had a little hackler upstairs, downstairs it was a fight, ”said the 24-year-old, who had never led after a first round in his career, recalling his third-best run time in the decision.

Adrian Pertl, Sebastian Foss-Solevaag and Henrik Kristoffersen

GEPA/Patrick Steiner

Adrian Pertl celebrated the slalom medals with the Norwegians Sebastian Foss-Solevaag and Henrik Kristoffersen

Foss-Solevaag with risk to the title

On the course set by ÖSV coach Marko Pfeifer in the second round, Black, fourth-placed Swede Kristoffer Jakobsen and fifth-placed Frenchman Clement Noel were eliminated. Because of the tight gaps after the first round, many runners took a high risk. Foss-Solevaag also moved to the limit, but made it to the finish line and provided the first Norwegian world champion since Tom Stiansen in 1997.

“This is a dream for me. It was a difficult second run. I had to accelerate because Henrik was ahead. That was a good run. I’ve trained a lot and the material is good too. Two gold medals in Cortina, that’s unbelievable with such a small team, ”said Foss-Solevaag, who won his first World Cup in the second Flachau slalom and won the World Cup with the team in Cortina.

For Kristoffersen, after finishing sixth, it was enough for his first World Championship medal in slalom. “When you’re on the podium, you have to be satisfied. At the finish, I first said: ‘Please don’t take fourth place.’ Now I have a medal in slalom at the Olympics and at the World Championships, that’s not so bad, ”said the 26-year-old Norwegian who had prepared for the slalom at the Benni Raich racing school in Pitztal.

Despite the failure, Black is very satisfied

After a strong last interim period, Black was on course for the podium, but in the end he was not granted the third medal in Cortina after Kombi Gold and RTL Bronze. “I was doing well, but then it smeared like that and I didn’t get the gate anymore. It would have been possible for me, but that’s sport. With gold in the combination and bronze in the giant slalom, I can leave Cortina very satisfied, ”said the 25-year-old. “I’m happy for Adrian. I thought he could do that, he’s a cool dog. “

Marco Black

AP / Marco Tacca

In the decision, Marco Schwarz had to swerve after a threader before the finish

Because the 30 rule had been overridden out of concern about a slope softening under the sun, Matt still had a chance as he was able to start third. ©

 The  27-year-old Tyrolean did not get an optimal run, as so often this season. “Everything would have been arranged, with changing the starting order and driving away everything would have been possible. I’m having a hard time. I can’t be satisfied with skiing either, so there wasn’t much that was positive, ”said the 2019 vice world champion.

Feller gambled away his chances in the first round. ©

 The  Tyrolean, one of seven winners of the season in the slalom, assessed the conditions in the first run completely wrong and made a mistake during the set-up. “©

 The  slope was brutally aggressive. I was far too soft from the material, it looked completely different when I visited it. I just made sure that I could somehow get down, ”said the 28-year-old about being 1.78 seconds behind Pertl in the first round.

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Ski World Cup Silver finish Pertl slalom


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