Skiing only with a test: empty slopes



Hermagor accounts for almost a third of 164 new infections with the British virus variant.  The re have been stricter rules since Saturday. You can only ski if you have a negative Covid-19 test. An ORF local inspection showed that the slopes in Carinthia’s largest ski area were almost empty.

© The  best conditions and instead of the usual 4,000 only around 2,500 winter sports enthusiasts: the slopes were almost empty on Saturday, and there was no crowd at the lifts. You were only allowed to ski if you had a negative CoV test that was younger than 48 hours. Skier Julia Schneeweiß said that the test for Saturday worked out for her because she was tested on Thursday anyway. But then she doesn’t have a valid test for Sunday. Gerhard Kubleka also used the day for skiing. Since he is a doctor, he can test himself. In addition, he had already been vaccinated.

Ski resort tried to build its own test road

In the ski area they were still trying to set up their own test road, said Christian Krisper from Nassfeld Bergbahnen: “Of course we would have the premises on site and we would expect help from the state or the authorities for the future, as would us provides medically trained staff. “

Test street in Hermagor


Despite additional test roads in Hermagor, there are hardly any more appointments this weekend

This compulsory test on the Hermagor slopes only applies in a certain constellation. You can ride the gondola without a negative test result. But you are not allowed to take the gondola up the mountain and then go skiing. Ski touring on the edge of the piste, for example, is also permitted without being tested. Because the district has a 7-day incidence of more than 500, three additional test roads have been set up in the valley. ©

 The re were no more appointments for skiing this weekend, the earliest Sunday afternoon.

Weißbriach ski area closes

A few kilometers further on, the few winter sports enthusiasts who were out on Saturday found ideal conditions in the small Weissbriach ski area. However, due to a lack of visitors due to the mandatory test, the area will be closed next Sunday. ©

 The  local skiers without a test would simply drive to the neighboring district, said the operations manager of Weißbriach, Georg Hubmann: “Weissensee, for example, is three kilometers as the crow flies from us. Is it clear anyway, then you drive to the next destination. “

Weißbriach ski area



 The  obligation to test is a deterrent, hardly any skiers in Weißbriach

No test controls were carried out on the slopes today by the ORF local inspection. However, checks were carried out on the streets. In the district, for example, it was checked whether the mask requirement in the car was observed.

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Skiing test empty slopes


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