Sky90: Is there more to the Rose change? Max Eberl with a hint

 Sky90: Is there more to the Rose change?  Max Eberl with a hint

Sky90: Is there more to the Rose change? Max Eberl with a mysterious hint

At Sky90, Gladbach manager Max Eberl makes a cryptic statement about the Rose change.
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Marco Rose’s move from Gladbach to Dortmund was one of the main topics of “Sky90” On Sunday. No wonder, as Max Eberl, one of the central figures, was a guest via video switch.

Drilled in vain Sky90-Moderator Patrick Wasserziehr and his guests after details of the Rose deal. Neither about potential successors nor about the content of the discussions with the successful coach, Gladbach’s manager did not want to be elicited – and finally made people sit up and take notice with a mysterious sentence.

Sky90: Max Eberl with a cryptic allusion to Rose-Wechsel

“Not my topic,” Eberl clarified, the question was whether he could understand the content of the decision of his still coach for Dortmund and against Gladbach.

“He has decided to go a different way,” said the 47-year-old. “What was the motivation at the long end remains between Marco and me.”

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Is there more to Rose’s move than the “attractive job”?

I beg your pardon? Is there more to the Rose change than we know so far?

Marco Rose himself named the “attractive job Borussia Dortmund” as the reason for his change. Eberl’s mysterious statement now suggests that there are other reasons for the move.


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Apparently for Rose at least several things spoke for Dortmund and against Gladbach. A move to the Ruhr area should also be financially worthwhile for the native of Leipzig.

Fans react in shock and angry

His relationship with the club, players and especially Max Eberl, on the other hand, should not have been decisive for the farewell.

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© The  decision was met with incomprehension among the fans of Borussia Mönchengladbach – to put it mildly.

© The  outgoing foal trainer met with a lot of hatred online, on a banner at the stadium the ultras demanded the immediate dismissal of the “characterless pig” and even a demo was organized – even if it was quite a flop. (dso)

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Sky90 Rose change Max Eberl hint


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