Sleep doctor explains how we sleep better in the pandemic


Mr. Fietze, many people feel more tired than usual at the moment. Will it be better when spring comes now?

Yes, we sleep about 30 minutes longer a night in winter. It just has to do with the darkness. Brightness and artificial light deprive us of sleep. In summer we usually go to bed way too late. In winter we just go to sleep earlier.

In lockdown, even more people than usual report tiredness and an increased need for sleep.

I can think of three explanations for this. Firstly, to put it bluntly: boredom makes you tired. That has been scientifically proven. I can still be awake. When I am in an environment where I don’t have much to do, I get tired. If I am not challenged as much as usual, that can also make me tired. Second, the lockdown is the first thing that hits the mind. And a bad mood doesn’t make you active, it also makes you tired. Third: In Corona times, you should also be careful not to just sit at home. You have to move too. Of course, that’s not that easy right now. Exercise is good for you, activates the body and, by the way, helps to release a sleeping substance that makes it easier to fall asleep in the evening.

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Sleep doctor explains sleep pandemic


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