Smart door locks in the test: Sesame, open yourself – please automatically


Hardly anything is more annoying when you come home than standing in front of the front door fully loaded and then having to put your purchases on the wet floor to get out the key. Smart door locks are designed to solve this and a few other problems by opening them automatically when you get home.

I have tested three such solutions, from Nuki, Yale and Tedee, in the past few months and were sometimes more, sometimes less enthusiastic. In some cases, the smart locks actually made everyday life easier for me. But sometimes they made me look ridiculous if I waved my cell phone around for minutes in front of the locked door.

 The  functional principle is the same for all devices: the locks are connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, can be closed and opened from there using the app or open and close automatically when you approach or move away with the mobile phone in your pocket. So-called bridges, which are offered as accessories, also make it possible to control the locks remotely via the Internet. ©

 The re are also opener gadgets that open the door at the push of a button or after entering an access code.

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Smart door locks test Sesame open automatically


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