Smartwatch for athletes costs from 800 euros


Garmin has introduced a new smartwatch. It goes by the name of Enduro. As is so often the case, Garmin is targeting athletes, including the Enduro, which has multisport smartwatch functions specially designed for the demanding needs of endurance athletes. For this, they also have to dig a little deeper into their pockets. 800 euros, or 900 euros in the titanium edition, are due.

© The  Trail-Run VO2max records the fitness level from now on, taking the trail conditions into account. ©

 The  expansion of the ClimbPro feature now makes it possible to receive real-time information on current and upcoming climbs, including the percentage ascent, the distance and the altitude gained.

For an optimal descent, the Enduro now also provides this information in trail running mode for downhill, according to Garmin in its announcement. ©

 The  Ultra Run app is brand new: athletes can use the LAP button to record breaks at the refreshment stations during the competition and then evaluate them via Garmin Connect.


 The  Garmin Enduro in detail

RRP: € 799.99; in the titanium version € 899.99; Available immediately

  • New: battery life of up to 80 hours in GPS mode and up to a year in battery saver mode thanks to Power Glass with solar charging lens and improved processor
  • New: Trail-Run VO2max – determination of the VO2max taking into account the trail and the heat and altitude acclimatization
  • New: Ultra Run App – Timer logs the length of stay at the supply station
  • New: Extended ClimbPro function with real-time information on current and upcoming climbs and downhill
  • New: Extremely light and breathable UltraFit nylon bracelet, for a perfect fit on the wrist
  • Workout suggestions based on the current training status
  • Particularly light in the titanium version with 58 grams and in the stainless steel version with 72 grams
  • 1.4 inch display
  • Improved recovery time – takes into account exercise, stress and more
  • Smart functions like Garmin Pay and Smart Notifications
  • Automatic accident notification and emergency assistance (manual) when paired with the smartphone


 The  Garmin Enduro can be ordered immediately, the manufacturer’s website also provides information on the numerous functions.

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Smartwatch athletes costs euros


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