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 The  tarot cards have some surprises in store for the week of February 22nd. In the following we have deciphered the symbols of the tarot cards for your zodiac sign and reveal what the coming week will bring for you.

According to the tarot horoscope: This is what the coming week brings for your zodiac sign


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 The  ruler

It is also part of life when it is necessary to give up control – and to see when one is at a dead end. Aries people should take this advice from their tarot card to heart for the coming week.


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 The  High Priestess

According to the Tarot, if you as a zodiac sign Taurus are to make important decisions in the next few days or weeks that could have a long-term impact on your future life, you should trust your gut feeling. It is guaranteed to get you right.


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 The  Wheel of Fate

Anyone who draws the “©

 The  Wheel of Fate” card in the Tarot should listen deeply – like Gemini at this point. Because for your zodiac sign, this indicates that you should find and break karmic patterns in your life. This is the only way to get closer to your long-cherished goals.


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 The  ruler

Sometimes the solution to a problem is right at our feet and we still don’t see it. According to the tarot horoscope, people with the zodiac sign Cancer should now spend as much time as possible outdoors and in nature in order to go through life with a clear mind and a keen eye. That brings you more clarity and balance again.

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 The  world

If you are currently working on a personal or professional project as a zodiac sign Leo, you can look forward to it: according to your tarot card, this will soon be completed – if you keep on doing it now.


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 The  sun

With so much sunlight, can you no longer see the way? Don’t worry, this is currently a positive outcome of your situation. According to the Tarot, you are truly walking on the sunny side of life – so enjoy it and enjoy the ease.


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 The  Power

Take heart, dear Libra. Please don’t give up now! Your current project will require a lot of effort from you. All your efforts will be worth it, I promise.


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 The  Hierophant

People with the zodiac sign Scorpio should see if they can no longer get anywhere on their own at the moment. Getting support and a helping hand at the right moments is certainly not a sign of weakness or failure. But on the contrary.

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 The  tower

Sometimes our eyesight in everyday life is so transfigured that we lose sight of reality. Especially in times like the present and for people with the zodiac sign Sagittarius, it is now all the more important to focus on the essentials again and to sharpen the senses. ©

 The n nothing important can escape you!


Tarot card: Justice

Nobody can avoid the truth. ©

 The  tarot horoscope brings this wisdom closer to the zodiac sign Capricorn – with one message: Trust in the good that will prevail sooner or later. Even if it doesn’t look like it right now.


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 The  lovers


 The re is not much to say about this card, which draws the zodiac sign Aquarius for the new week of February, except: Be sure to enjoy all the love and trust that your loved ones have for you. You will remember it for a long time and draw energy from it.


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 The  Hanged Man

Two people think more effectively than one – and four eyes see more than two. If you don’t have someone you trust by your side in tricky situations, why not change your perspective as a Pisces zodiac sign? A new perspective is said to have worked many miracles.

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