Soccer Bundesliga, analysis after the Dortmund victory at FC Schalke 04 – Bundesliga – soccer

Soccer Bundesliga, analysis after the Dortmund victory at FC Schalke 04 - Bundesliga - soccer

Stambouli with hair-raising flaws

Benjamin Stambouli – whom Gross had explicitly called on due to his many years of experience – made two hair-raising ball losses in the first half.  The  first ended up in the arms of goalkeeper Ralf Fährmann. Jadon Sancho (42nd) took advantage of the second ice cold. BVB – and that was the decisive difference in this game – took advantage of its opportunities. And that evening, Schalke, in the person of the French, provided the reason why they could hardly win a game in a long time.

In this difficult situation, coach Gross cannot even rely on his chosen pillars in the team. “I am very disappointed. He knows himself that he has made a mistake. Such a mistake must not happen in the zone. Otherwise he is an absolute model professional. I will not turn it around” said Gross, who didn’t want to blame a single player.

After Stambouli’s second dropout, the game was almost decided. © The  individual mistakes have been changing the cause for weeks, the result of which is always devastating negative experiences. A Schalke horror without end.

S04 again with almost no risk of goal

Dortmund really didn’t have to shine to win this game. Erling Haaland (45th) by a remarkable side puller, Raphael Guerrero (60th) after a one-two with Marco Reus and again Haaland (79th) by stabber scored the other hits for Dortmund against the committed, not plugging but in far too many concerns clearly too limited Schalke.

Fighting alone is not enough at the Bundesliga level. Schalke do not even use the best goal opportunities such as Suat Serdar’s (51st). © The y got two shots at the Dortmund gate.

A balance sheet of horror

While BVB Erling Haaland was Dortmund’s most dangerous player with three shots on goal, right-back Timo Becker made the same number but completely inadequate attempts at Schalke – which says a lot about the desolate attacking game of S04. This year, Schalke scored five goals in five home games, four of them in their only win of the season against 1899 Hoffenheim. An S04 balance sheet of horror.

© The  recently stumbling Dortmunders have not only gained a lot of recognition from their recently somewhat disgruntled supporters with this success. © The y also kept the chance to fight for at least a Champions League place. In the course of this bliss, the Dortmund players danced and celebrated in front of the empty guest curve in the Schalke Arena – which seemed bizarre but should be understood as a thank you to the fans.

Schalke needs a miracle

If, from Schalke’s point of view, another (football) miracle does not happen, this Saturday evening (February 20th, 2021) was the last Bundesliga matchday for a long time, in which both teams will compete in a derby. © The re is not much time left, that is a limiting factor, I am aware of that. We will keep fighting”said Gross.

Now, however, only those people who keep their optimism even in the heaviest seas have real hope of staying up in the league.

Christian Gross recently affirmed that Schalke was his most difficult task in his long life as a coach. It looks like he can’t solve this big problem either.

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Soccer Bundesliga analysis Dortmund victory Schalke Bundesliga soccer


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