Solar eclipse: Next solar eclipse in Germany: Date and time in June


When will the next solar eclipse take place in Germany? Everything about the date in June and the time can be found here.

A solar eclipse is an astronomical event in which the sun is partially or completely obscured by the moon as seen from the earth. © The  shadow of this event sweeps across the earth.

In this article you can read when the next solar eclipse can be seen in Germany and what time astronomy enthusiasts can look forward to it.

Next solar eclipse in Germany: Date and time on June 10th

Am 10. June 2021 the next solar eclipse will take place. This annular solar eclipse will mainly be in the northern polar region play. In Germany, however, coverage will only be small. ©

 The  largest eclipse can be seen in the north in List on Sylt.

More than six years after the solar eclipse of March 20, 2015, another solar eclipse can be observed in German-speaking countries. If necessary, protect your eyes and never look into the sun without suitable eye protection, as this can cause permanent damage. ©

 The  next solar eclipse that will be visible in German-speaking countries will take place on October 25, 2022.

Eclipse on June 10th, 2021 – How does a solar eclipse occur?

A solar eclipse occurs when the sun, earth and moon are in a line and the moon covers the sun. This occurs when the moon is close to one of the two intersections of the lunar orbit and the ecliptic plane. In order for a solar eclipse to occur, there must be a new moon. However, a solar eclipse does not occur with every new moon, as the moon usually moves north or south past the sun. It takes half an eclipse year until a new solar eclipse occurs, which corresponds to 173.31 days.

A total solar eclipse can never be seen on the entire day side of the earth. ©

 The  umbra of the moon – the area in which a solar eclipse is total – only ever covers part of the earth’s surface. This corresponds to a strip around 300 kilometers wide. For comparison: Bavaria measures around 350 kilometers from north to south.

Phases of a solar eclipse: the four contacts

A solar eclipse has four different phases – the so-called four contacts. ©

 The  first contact occurs when the new moon first touches the sun disk and thus the partial phase begins. When the moon completely covers the solar disk, one speaks of the second contact. This moment is called Total Phase. ©

 The  second contact can also take place when the moon is completely in front of the sun, but a bright ring can still be seen around it: the annular phase. At the third contact, parts of the solar disk become visible again and the moon is no longer completely in front of the solar disk. It becomes the partial phase changed. When the new moon touches the sun last, it is called the fourth contact. ©

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