Solution seeks problem at 2 minutes 2 million


Ok, some things definitely belong in teleshopping and not in a so-called startup show. But please. Pero Vincetic from Lippstadt in North Rhine-Westphalia traveled to Vienna for the 2-minute 2 million shoot to present his spooncatcher. This is nothing more than a spoon holder that you can hang on the outer edge of a pot and then – exactly! – stick a spoon in. This is supposed to solve the common household problem of not scratching any other surfaces with the attached wooden spoon.

 The  spooncatcher, which is supposed to catch the mistakes, can be cleaned in the dishwasher, and thanks to the heat-resistant, antibacterial and food-safe silicone “made in Germany”, the part should also be easy to clean again. And now it comes: One of the things comes (and there we are people who are households full of things “Made in China”, probably right back to the topic “Made in Germany”) for 8 euros, the three-pack costs 20 euros. Salted.

If you don’t want to spend so much money on the pot accessories, you can use trick 17: You just take any cup or glass and put it next to the stove, and you can then place your wooden spoon there.

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Solution seeks problem minutes million


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