Sophia Thiel: ice bathing in a bikini! How the fitness queen relieves stress


Sophia Thiel uses a really cool method to reduce stress.  The  fitness queen relaxes in freezing temperatures in an ice-cold lake.

For a long time it was quiet about fitness queen Sophia Thiel (25), who suffered a breakdown in 2019 due to the enormous professional pressure. Now she reports back on YouTube and describes how she is now dealing with the stress. Since traditional meditation doesn’t work well for her, Sophia has developed a method of her own to deal with psychological pressure. She drives to an almost frozen lake and takes an ice bath.

You can see the recordings in the video above.

“Why should you do this to yourself?”, Sophia asks her followers, and then immediately describes the numerous advantages of her “anti-stress technique”. Ice bathing is a “natural energy booster”, makes “skin and hair more beautiful”, strengthens “the immune system and blood circulation”, alleviates “symptoms of depression”, can “help you lose weight”, “helps with sore muscles” and last but not least ” help with stress “. © The  last point is the most important for her, reports Sophia.

“I’ve lost control of myself,” Sophia confesses in the following video clip.

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Sophia Thiel describes the advantages of winter refreshment

“I get stressed by everything really quickly and ice bathing is a kind of meditation for me,” reveals the 25-year-old. Conventional meditation would not help her “get her mind free”. Ice bathing, on the other hand, helps her to completely free her thoughts.

According to the 25-year-old, breathing is very important, based on the Wim Hof ​​principle, which was developed by the Dutch extreme sportsman Wim Hof ​​(61). Sophia wants to have more details about this method in another video. But she already gives her followers a few tips before she starts her ice-cold bath.

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Sophia Thiel advises followers to be careful with the ice bath

It is crucial to start slowly and to get used to bathing in ice-cold water with cold showers. Under no circumstances should newbies overdo it at the beginning, advises Sophia. A few seconds in cold water would be enough to achieve “positive effects” at the beginning.

Sophia also strongly advises against going into the water alone. A cramp or a stiffness of the body could occur. In this case, help is needed quickly. Sophia Thiel recommends people with physical complaints to approach ice bathing very carefully and to try a cool shower first.


Sophia Thiel
“Very blatant numbness inside of me, as if I had dissolved”
Fitness queen Sophia Thiel is back! Almost two years after her surprising social media break, she’s now explaining what was really going on with her.

Fitness queen shows herself confidently in a bikini

After the explanations, of course, Sophia wants to show how she relaxes in the ice-cold lake. To do this, she takes off her winter clothes and shows herself confident in a bikini. It is clear to her that this can lead to hateful comments. Thiel says: “I can already hear all the haters. ‘Oh my god, how does it look? So in the picture it looked completely different. It has increased completely.'”

It took her a long time to accept her body like that. It was a game of hide and seek. She was always afraid of what others might think of her. Those days are now apparently over. “I like myself for who I am,” announces the beaming Sophia before she begins her ice-cold bath.


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Sophia Thiel ice bathing bikini fitness queen relieves stress


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