Sophia Thiel shows her new curves in a bikini


Sophia Thiel is finally back from her two-year break. © The  former fitness influencer has evolved and changed, as she says herself. Today the beauty presents us her wonderful curves in a tight bikini.

Sophia Thiel 2017

© IMAGO / Hartenfelser
Sophia Thiel 2017

Sophia Thiel (25) is back – and with a bang. ©

 The  blonde is finally active again on Instagram and lets her followers participate in her life. In doing so, she shows that she has changed over the last two years of her break.

Sophia Thiel im Bikini

On TikTok and Instagram, the 25-year-old shared a clip of herself swimming in the ice – only dressed in a bikini – and she just looks gorgeous. She seems happier than ever and her new curves suit her perfectly.


 The  Internet community agrees and admires Sophia in the comment column. She then speaks up in her story and explains that she tears of joy when reading the comments:

“I was really worried about uploading this TikTok. Because I was really worried, what will the others or what will you say about this TikTok. Me in bikini in my current form. Of course, in these two years I have already learned a lot to love and accept myself. But still it was a great effort for me to upload it. “

Sophia Thiel feels almost never


 The  influencer explains what a long and hard process it was before she can feel as comfortable as she is. “And I won’t let that be taken away from me so quickly anymore,” she adds in her Instagram story. In her latest YouTube video, in which she shows her ice bath in more detail, she describes the past phase as a “long game of hide and seek”.

It’s over now. Her supporters are particularly happy about this. A comment on the video platform reads: “It’s just great that you’re back! You are so much more than your body. And by the way, that’s exactly right! “

Sophia Thiels Comeback

In February, Sophia Thiel gave the first sign of life after almost two years. She had taken a long break and now wants to align her content on social media differently. Sophia doesn’t feel like showing her figure all the time. She wants to convey other values.

As she explains on Instagram, she too had difficult experiences with bodyshaming. Now she wants to protect others from it and be a role model in loving and accepting herself and her own body.

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Sophia Thiel shows curves bikini


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