Sophia Thiel shows herself in a bikini – “A great effort to upload that” – people


After her comeback, Sophia Thiel (25) is back in a bikini!

In a new video, the fitness star swings out of her winter coat and climbs into a frozen lake wearing only swimwear. Sophia has also discovered ice bathing for herself!

 The  frosty pictures also show how the influencer has changed since her almost two-year break: Instead of a six-pack, Sophia happily presents her new curves.

In an Instagram story, she says: “I was really concerned about uploading this video. Because I was really afraid: What will the others, what will you say? ”

She has already had experience with body shaming (devaluation due to appearance) in the past.

But Sophia stands by her new body – and wants to encourage others too!

In the video, the power woman confidently says: “You know, whether you can understand it or not: I like myself for who I am. It took me a long time to be able to accept myself and my body like this. For me it was just too long a game of hide-and-seek and fear of what others think of me. “

On Instagram, Sophia continued: “But it was still a great effort for me to upload it.” She expected a lot of negative reactions. “I thought that many would say: What does it look like? © The n I think it’s a shame how others feel when they read it. ”

But her community sticks with her!

Supportive comments gathered on all channels. “Be proud of yourself and your figure! You look super great, ”wrote one user. Another Instagram woman commented: “Now she has the same ring on her stomach as I always do. Could postpone more real bodies on this platform. ”

Sophia was overwhelmed by so much encouragement, confessed in her Instagram story: “I really have tears.”


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Sophia Thiel shows bikini great effort upload people


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