Sore throat and dry cough – Corona or pollen allergy?


Since the beginning of February, with the rising temperatures, the first pollen has been in the air. Allergy sufferers will feel the first reactions. Typical of a pollen allergy are sneezing attacks, itchy, watery and reddened eyes or itching in the roof of the mouth, nose and ears. Atypical symptoms for a Covid 19 disease. But not all react in the same way to the pollen count.

So if you feel a scratchy throat or struggle with a dry cough, you can quickly become unsure whether it might not be a corona infection. Especially for the reason that corona symptoms are very different from case to case.

Anyone who has already had frequent allergic reactions to pollen usually knows the symptoms. If you then take an antiallergic agent, the symptoms should also be alleviated. If this occurs, it is rather unlikely that it is a Covid-19 infection, reports “20 Minuten”.

Sereina de Zordo, Head of Specialist Services at the Swiss Allergy Center, told the newspaper how to differentiate between corona symptoms and hay fever. Here is an overview:

Symptom pollen allergy Covid-19
fever No Almost always
Body aches No Rare
fatigue Is possible Often
Dry cough Often Almost always
Productive cough Rare Rare
sniff Almost always Rare
Niesreiz Almost always No
Shortness of breath Often Often
Sore throat Rare Is possible
a headache Rare Is possible
Itchy eyes Almost always No
Loss of smell and taste Is possible Often
diarrhea Rare Is possible

If you are still unsure what exactly is behind the symptoms, you should definitely call your doctor, recommends Sereina de Zordo. It would also make sense to be tested for Corona to be on the safe side.

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Sore throat dry cough Corona pollen allergy


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