Splatoon 3 on Switch Console – Brand New Trailer Revealed on Nintendo Direct


Finally there was a big Nintendo Direct with information about new games. Also included: A brand new trailer for the third part of the Splatoon series.

Kyōto, Japan The re she was, the long awaited Nintendo Direct. On February 17, 2021, after almost two years, Fans Looking forward to news from Nintendo. © www.de24.news The y received them at 11 p.m. with the Nintendo Direct also, at least in part. Because many Gamesthat were shown were already known. But one game came for the Nintendo Switch for most Fans probably completely surprising.

Name of the game Splatoon 3
developer Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development
Serie Splatoon
editor Nintendo
platform Nintendo Switch
Genre Third-Person-Shooter

Splatoon 3: Biggest surprise on Nintendo Direct

On February 17, 2021, they probably switched Nintendo Fans around the world at 11 p.m. German time the live broadcast of the Nintendo Direct on. No wonder, finally found the last big one Nintendo Direct on September 5, 2019, since then there have only been smaller ones Nintendo Direct Minis or Directs on specific topics and Play. Accordingly, the hopes of Fans great what would Nintendo announce now? Could there finally be a release date for Breath of the Wild 2? Or would Nintendo confirm the Sinnoh remake of Pokémon? Perhaps there would even be evidence of the speculated Switch Pro?

Well, unfortunately, all these hopes were dashed because Nintendo didn’t show any of this. Instead, trailers and information became familiar Play like Bravely Default 2 or Monster Hunter Rise shown. But only teasers Trailer and information on known Play could show up Nintendo of course not afford either. So of course there was also some news that some Fan perhaps consoling over the disappointment of the not mentioned titles.

Splatoon 3: New trailer of the color shooter shown on Nintendo Direct

50 minutes long Fans with news too Play supplied, it rose Nintendo the delicacy, of course, for the end. Because last was the Trailer to the brand new Splatoon 3 shown which should appear in 2022. An exact date has not yet been announced, but some new weapons, a few locations and the possible characterization in Splatoon 3 shown. He got us off the stool Trailer not cracked, but it gives a little taste of what Fans can expect from the third part of the paint blob battle.

Splatoon 3: Nintendo Switch trailer revealed

© Nintendo

So promises Nintendo Fansthat Splatoon 3 brings dynamic new dodging and attacking abilities. In addition, the battles are to take place in completely new arenas in the middle of the wilderness. This is partly already in the Trailer shown, because while you get an insight into the character attitudes, you can already see a barren and desolate desert area. In addition, the character shown also has a completely new weapon in his hands – a “bow-shaped weapon”. Allowed to fight Fans in the so-called “District of Splatsville, a sweltering desert, inhabited by battle-hardened Inklings and Octolings.” But of course not everything is barren and dry, because in the middle of the desert rises the capital of the ink chaos – Splatsville. It is not yet known whether this will also be explorable. Otherwise the gameplay remains in Splatoon 3 same and Fans can look forward to ink fights with up to 8 Players looking forward.

Picture list: © Nintendo

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Splatoon Switch Console Brand Trailer Revealed Nintendo Direct


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