Spotify offers better sound quality – at an additional cost


Spotify promises its users who want to pay a little more for it.  The  streaming platform does not yet reveal the price. Access to high fidelity audio – called Spotify HiFi – will be available through a separate subscription. ©

 The  service will be available this year, but for the time being only in “selected markets”, announced Spotify.

With Spotify HiFi the user gets access to a sound quality that corresponds to that of a CD. Competing platforms such as Tidal already offer this. Currently, Spotify users can access files in 320 Kbps encoding, compared to the 1411 Kbps CD. Despite this improvement, Spotify will lag behind the competition. Tidal even achieved 9,216 Kbps in its “master plan”. This difference is only of interest to music enthusiasts who have playback devices in order to be able to enjoy the sound with extremely high fidelity.

Competitor Amazon launched its “Amazon Music HD” offer back in 2019, while Apple does not have a high-definition audio mode in its services. Spotify would like to make its hi-fi offer more interesting and is therefore aiming for cooperation with loudspeaker manufacturers. But here, too, the company fails to provide details.


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Spotify offers sound quality additional cost


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