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?? Rivian clings to Tesla’s heels
?? Focus on Germany as a location
?? Is the start of production finally coming?Electric vehicle specialist Rivian wants to become serious competition for top dog Tesla and is expanding his ambitions. This should go hand in hand with electrified models from the pick-up and SUV segments as well as a location expansion.

Rivian vehicles are slated to hit the market

Both Amazon and Ford have stakes in Rivian. And since it became known that Amazon intends to buy 100,000 e-vans from competitors of Tesla and Nikola over the next few years, it has become clear that the Michigan automotive company could get involved at a high level. Now there are new details that show Rivian’s way there.

On the one hand, it is planned that the electric pick-up R1T and the E-SUV R1S will come onto the market this year, reports “t3n”. But initially the focus seems to be on the ordered e-fleet for Amazon.

Rivian is looking for production facilities in Europe for Amazon’s e-vans

Similar to Tesla, Rivian is now looking for a location in Europe. Germany is also said to have been targeted. But no potential building site has yet been found. In addition, Hungary and Great Britain should also come into question, according to “Bloomberg” with reference to insiders.

 The  real estate company JLL had been commissioned to search for a suitable plot of land for the construction of the plant.

In the future, the e-vans for Amazon are to be produced in the new, still location-free factory. However, production is scheduled to start in the Illinois plant in the final quarter of this year. ©

 The  company hopes to start production of delivery vehicles in Europe in 2022. Finally, by the end of the decade, the entire order could be ready and on the streets with Amazon parcels, they say. editorial team

Image sources: Rivian Automotive, David Becker / Getty Images

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Start production Germany location sight Tesla rival Rivian steps gas message


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