Start of training to become a Covid 19 tester


In the first WIFI course, Sandra Nussbaumer is also training to be a Covid 19 tester.  The  course first consists of a theoretical block about the virus itself, the accuracy of the test and the correct taking of the throat swab. In the second unit, the theoretical knowledge acquired is then practiced on a doll with cotton swabs and a test kit.

13,000 nurses in Carinthia

Sandra Nussbauer is the nursing director of the day care center for the elderly in Möllbrücke, she has many years of experience. ©

 The  training to become a qualified nurse alone takes three years, in which 4800 teaching units must be proven. ©

 The  great search for the voluntary testers does not have to exist, she said. Because the almost 13,000 qualified nurses in Carinthia would be ready at any time to carry out Covid-19 tests.

Training for professional corona testers


 The  Chamber of Commerce wants to quickly train professional corona testers. ©

 The  WIFI education center has already advertised the first courses for this purpose. ©

 The  testers are to be used primarily in companies.

According to the currently applicable regulations, this is not possible without a doctor’s order, said Nussbaumer, who is also the state chairman of health and nursing staff: “At the moment, our professional law is designed in such a way that we need a doctor’s order to be able to carry out this test. If this part were to be changed, then every qualified specialist could do the tests on their own responsibility and also issue a confirmation. In this case, the graduate can also come to the house, for example as part of home nursing, do this test and issue the confirmation. ©

 The n the relatives wouldn’t have to make any extra trips. “

WK: Training should be open to everyone


 The  head of the WIFI institute, Andreas Görgei, also sees the bottleneck among the people performing the test as being home-made. Because only those with medical training can complete this course to become a Covid-19 tester: “©

 The re are simply far too few people who have these basic requirements and are therefore allowed to attend our course. Our urgent appeal is that the federal government should reconsider these requirements for participating in this training. What we propose is a more in-depth, longer training without prior qualifications, which is open to everyone.

Course leader Ulrike Eberhard, who is herself a doctor in Klagenfurt and was responsible for the training of nurses in Carinthia for years, sees advantages in the broader courses: “©

 The  test roads are all overloaded. And I believe that in larger institutions or schools there should very well be someone who can do that. If there is someone with symptoms it could be checked immediately. ”

In any case, intensive talks between the Chamber of Commerce and the Federal Government would take place in the background to make these courses accessible to a broad section of the population. It is not yet known whether the passage that qualified nursing staff can carry out Covid-19 tests without a doctor’s order will also be dropped.

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Start training Covid tester


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