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Status: 02/23/2021 1:35 p.m.

 The  first vaccination centers in Lower Saxony vaccinated all people under 65 years of age with the AstraZeneca vaccine. You can now start with the second priority group.

This allows them to be enacted by the state today, as the deputy head of the Corona crisis team, Claudia Schröder, said at the weekly press conference. In concrete terms, this means that, among other things, all employees from occupational groups in reintegration assistance, from institutions for the disabled, all employees in the health sector can be vaccinated. © The  departments concerned want to develop a vaccination concept this afternoon for educators and teachers at primary and special schools.

Vaccinations for people aged 80 and over continue to run in parallel

According to a recommendation of the Standing Vaccination Commission, the AstraZeneca vaccine is only used to vaccinate people who are younger than 65 years. All people who are older receive the vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer or Moderna. © The  vaccinations for people aged 80 and over are still running in the vaccination centers, as Schröder said.

Grant Hendrik Tonne (SPD) im Interview. © NDR
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Eva Hummers speaks in an interview.  © NDR
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A Bundeswehr soldier stands on a street
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Crisis team leader Heiger Scholz speaks at the crisis team press conference.  © NDR
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The deputy chairwoman of the Corona crisis team, Claudia Schröder, sits in front of a microphone.  © NDR
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Education Minister Tonne (SPD) speaks during a press conference.  © NDR
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Government spokeswoman Anke Pörksen speaks at a press conference.  © NDR
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Heiger Scholz, head of the crisis team, speaks at a press conference.  © NDR
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Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) speaks at the state press conference.  © NDR
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Prime Minister Stephan Weil after the vaccination summit.  © NDR
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Further information

Vials of a COVID-19 vaccine stand on a glass table.  © picture alliance / Geisler-Fotopress |  Dwi Anoraganingrum Photo: Geisler-Fotopress

© The  district wants to inoculate thousands of AstraZeneca cans, but cannot give appointments to people under 65. (02/22/2021) more

The ice cream factory "Froneri" can be seen behind a fence.  © picture alliance / Xinhua News Agency Photo: Michael Titgemeyer

If there were two known cases at the beginning of February, there are now 200 in the Osnabrück district. © The  authorities see a connection. (02/19/2021) more

Christian Drosten © picture alliance Foto: Christophe Gatea

© The  virologist says: Only if Germany also relies on the AstraZeneca funds can one get out of the pandemic early. (02/16/2021) more

Two symbolic representations of the coronavirus in different colors.  © imago images / Alexander Limbach Photo: Alexander Limbach

It is almost always the British variant. According to a random sample, the Hanover region is severely affected. (02/18/2021) more

A clinic employee draws a Covid-19 vaccine for a vaccination on a syringe.  © picture alliance / Sven Hoppe Photo: Sven Hoppe

Less vaccine will be deferred in the future. In addition, the registration procedure is to be changed. more

An employee of the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe takes a smear from a woman for a corona test © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Moritz Frankenberg

© The  state health office has registered 339 new infections and 65 further deaths. more

View of the Reeperbahn with yellow inscription "Mask requirement" on the pavement.  Photo: Alexandere Heinz

From the weekend at the latest, masks must be worn in places where distances cannot be maintained. More corona news in the live ticker. more

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