Starter Edition of the game is now free to all Stadia subscribers


You surely remember Crayta? In the game you can create game worlds yourself and play the levels together with your friends, work together and so on. ©

 The  created game worlds can then be shared and played with others. You have probably also copied a lot from Minecraft.

As the developers announce as part of some updates to the game, all Google Stadia subscribers will now have free access to the starter edition of the game. As is well known, pro subscribers have been able to tap into the premium edition of the game, free users have so far been left empty-handed. ©

 The  scope of the game has been adjusted a little, so you will have to invest credits or real money in the future if you want to further customize your avatar. In addition, there will soon be a Battle Pass system with which you can then get access to further content in this regard.

Furthermore, it is announced that Crayta will also be offered on March 10th in the Epic Games Store as an early access title for the PC, and the Stadia version of the game now also supports the beta version of Crowd Play, which is before should be of particular interest to streamers.

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Starter Edition game free Stadia subscribers


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