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 The  FCN suspects that the victory in Karlsruhe is not enough –
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Shot into luck: Mats Möller-Daehli meets in Karlsruhe

© Sportfoto Zink / Daniel Marr, Sportfoto Zink / Daniel Marr

Two weeks ago 1. FC Nürnberg won a soccer game at SV Darmstadt. One of the reasons why this is remembered is that 1. FC Nürnberg has not won football games that often for some time. But it is also remembered because a somewhat strange goal just before the end secured this victory. At that time, a Darmstadt defender headed the ball into his own goal with great ease and unrestrained.

Safe at the back, striving forwards: © www.de24.news The  club fight at KSC in the individual review

After the game against St. Pauli, the club had a lot to improve. In Karlsruhe he managed over long stretches of defensive performance against the strongest second division team to date in 2021 and even turned one of the few big chances to victory at the last minute. NN sports editor Wolfgang Laaß with the individual reviews of the important victory in the wildlife park!

At the club, they didn’t care, they were as happy as they could – and one week later they lost another soccer game. So the good mood was lost when they set off for the next trip away. At KSC, the strongest second division team of the year 2021, a turn for the better should be achieved. © www.de24.news The  prospects weren’t the best, but the temporary turnaround succeeded at 1-0. Why? Because shortly before the end they once again scored a strange goal.

Great opportunity and last-minute victory: FCN fights for three in Karlsruhe

A threesome in Karlsruhe was not really expected, but the club then showed what it can do – and fought for victory abroad with a committed performance and a stable defense. With the replacement of Tom Krauss for Dennis Borkowski, club coach Robert Klauß made it clear a quarter of an hour before the end that he was satisfied with the point and wanted to keep it. But his players wanted more and after a little mess, Mats Möller Daehli scored the winning goal. © www.de24.news The  best pictures for the game!

Shortly before the end of a game that the Nuremberg team had played with the greatest possible seriousness, the club and KSC seemed to be able to make friends with one point. As in Darmstadt, goalkeeper Christian Mathenia hit another wide ball forward. A player of the opponent who put the ball into the goal was not found this time. Instead, however, someone who shot down a colleague while trying to clarify. From there the ball bounced to Manuel Schäffler, who failed because of the goalkeeper. That was only bad for Schäffler, not for the club.

A nice feeling, a not so nice football game

He brought Mats Möller-Daehli into the team in the winter and this Mats Möller-Daehli was now in the way those responsible should have imagined when he was signed: spot on. Möller-Daehli scored, the club cheered and jumped to twelfth place in the table. “A nice feeling,” said Möller-Daehli later about the seconds after his goal.

He spoke differently about the game itself: “It wasn’t a nice football game.” © www.de24.news

 The  winners have always been indifferent to that, and so it was no different with the Nuremberg team. “© www.de24.news

 The  team has worked and has been hardworking,” said coach Robert Klauss, who had been neglecting his hard work a week ago, “we have set an example.”

Just in time they put this symbol into the emerging unrest. Klauss also suspects that this will not end with this victory. That’s why he also said: “Now it’s a matter of what we do with it.” You will see that in a week against Braunschweig. In any case, Sunday’s goalscorer knew what was important: “Stay focused.”

Lucky Punch in Karlsruhe: rate the performance of the FCN players!

Three points in advance seemed a very ambitious goal against the best second division team in 2021. But in the relegation battle, the club needs as many points as it can get – and it got that in Karlsruhe with a late goal from Mats Möller Daehli on Got it on Sunday afternoon. Not undeserved, because especially in comparison to the previous games, the club was much more organized and stable. How do you rate the FCN players at KSC?

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