Stefan Aust on Corona: “In any case, the panic mood seems to be exaggerated”


Hamburg Stefan Aust

“Anyway, the panic seems to be exaggerated”

WELT AM SONNTAG editor Stefan Aust

WELT AM SONNTAG editor Stefan Aust

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According to a UKE study, there was excess mortality caused by the coronavirus in just two months. This should be considered, believes WELT AM SONNTAG editor Stefan Aust, when it comes to basic rights and economic livelihoods.

WORLD ON SUNDAY: A current study by the Hamburg University Clinic Eppendorf (UKE) shows that there was only excess mortality caused by the corona virus in April and December 2020. How do you classify these results?

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 The se data show that the actual development was somewhat different from what was often discussed in public – also driven by politics. A new disease has appeared that is dangerous, but which also does not move across the country like a search for death. We also have to see that the baby boomers 1938, 1939 and 1940 are now reaching an endangered age and that, if only for this reason, the number of people for whom illnesses unfortunately often end fatally is growing. In any case, the mood of panic for the general population seems to be exaggerated.

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 The  average age of Hamburg’s corona deaths is 83 years, which is roughly where the average age of death of women is currently. What does that mean?

Aust: Since more men are dying of Covid-19 and their average life expectancy is less than 80 years, the corona victims even lived longer on average. Terrible for the people who die, and their loved ones such an end is nevertheless. But these figures should also be included in an assessment of the situation when it comes to adopting more targeted protective measures to guarantee others their fundamental rights and economic existence.

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WORLD ON SUNDAY: How do you see the debate surrounding AstraZeneca’s vaccine, which is said to be less effective?

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 The  experience so far is not optimal, but in the end the protection apparently mostly exists. In the long term, mankind can only defend itself against the virus, even through vaccination. Bans and guidelines are of little use here.

Stefan Aust is editor of WELT AM SONNTAG. Jörn Lauterbach asked the questions.

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