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A vaccination pass for corona vaccinated people that allows travel or attending events again? That is not even decided in Germany, says the Ulm virologist Professor Thomas Mertens.

 The  digital vaccination certificate will come, Professor Mertens, Chairman of the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) is convinced. Vaccinated people can thus be able to attend cultural events, restaurants or travel again.

In the private law sector – in cinemas, theaters, restaurants and on airlines – I can
surely present such evidence.

Virologe Professor Thomas Mertens

That has already caused excitement, but the organizer has the right to define certain admission criteria, that is “possible in our legal system, that’s how I understood all lawyers”, explained Mertens. It also serves to protect everyone who, for example, is on an airplane or attending an event.

Prof. Dr.  Thomas Mertens (Photo: Imago, Jürgen Heinrich)

© The  Ulm virologist Professor Thomas Mertens expects that a vaccination certificate will bring freedom.


Jürgen Heinrich

In the end, it will not be a German decision at all, believes Mertens, because that is how it is done internationally. Other countries are already preparing to introduce vaccination cards. That is why such proof cannot be prevented in Germany either, Mertens told the SWR.

Conditions for vaccination card

However, the virologist makes two important limitations. ©

 The  prerequisite for the vaccination pass with the corresponding freedom must be that all people have previously received a vaccination offer. Such a vaccination card can only have an effect “when everyone has had the opportunity to be vaccinated”.

In addition, Mertens cannot imagine that the vaccination certificate could also be required in public areas: “In life provision, in clinics or homes, this is out of the question.”

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Stiko boss brings vaccination records vaccinated people play SWR news


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