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“Stromberg” star Diana Staehly plays the role of Tobias’ wife Melanie


Your appearance will turn everything upside down

It can be seen on TV from March 2nd, 2021 and on TVNOW from February 23rd, 2021 at 8:15 p.m.

Diana Staehly had to prepare especially for her role

Diana Staehly told us what role she is taking on at GZSZ: “I play Melanie Evers, Tobias Evers’ lost wife, who was in a coma for eight years.”

And she also had to prepare especially for her role: “

 The  challenge in preparing for my role was to mime a woman who hadn’t spoken for eight years, didn’t move around on her own and no longer knows who she is I had to research and rehearse exactly how I utter the first sounds, how to speak the first words and what excessive demands a person has to struggle with, who has been ‘on the other side’ for so long Find the form of ‘unfitness.’ And last but not least, the preparation was very different in that it was very different from the usual roles, because as an actor you always create a whole background for your character, in other words, define the past life as precisely as possible to make it as authentic as possible To be able to represent a person. For me, this kind of approach was no longer available for a woman with no memory. “

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Diana Staehly: That’s why the actress is known

Diana Staehly is certainly a familiar face for some TV viewers: “I have already acted in many series, but above all the viewers from ‘Stromberg’ should know me, where I was Tanja Seifert / Steinke for a period of 10 years Or you know me from the series ‘Soko Köln’, in which I was the chief inspector for 4 years. ” But she is also known from a daily series on RTL: “Not to forget my beginnings as Sue Sommerfeld on ‘Unter Uns’ (1997-2000).”

At GZSZ, viewers can now look forward to “waking up with Melanie, making their first attempts at walking and returning to life with her,” reveals Diana Staehly.

Watch “Good Times, Bad Times” and “Unter Uns” on TVNOW

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Stromberg star Diana Staehly plays role Tobias wife Melanie


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