Study shows how devastating long-term coronavirus consequences can be


  • Long Covid“: Study shares Crown-Sptfolgen in two phases
  • Distinction between known Long-term consequences and severe immune reaction Krpers
  • During immune reaction it can be too Organ failure come
  • Many late effects of Covid-19 not yet known

Long-term consequences can occur after a corona infection: Most people are already aware that the coronavirus can trigger long-term and long-term consequences.  The  lungs and the sense of smell and taste in particular can be impaired for a long time after an acute corona disease. A new study has now divided the long-term consequences of Covid-19 into two phases.

Study on corona consequences: This is known so far

In the trade magazine Jama Network US researchers published a study that divides the disease into two more phases after the immediate infection. ©

 The se “long covid” consequences can plague those affected long after the infection has actually been overcome. ©

 The  results could not be applied to every single Covid-19 patient, but the two phases occur frequently enough to be considered relevant for the entire population.

At the beginning of the course of the disease, of course, there is an infection with Sars-CoV-2. ©

 The  subsequent phases relate to the period after recovery and usually begin a few weeks after the infection.

1st phase: Damage to organs through immune reaction

According to the study, the first of the two additional disease phases occurs roughly between the second and fourth week after infection. Although it only appears in rare cases, it is there particularly dangerous. Due to an excessive immune reaction of the body, various organs become inflamed and are seriously damaged. Are particularly often affected heart, kidney and Lunge. This so-called Hyperinflammationssyndrom can to Organ failure up to Deaths lead.

2. Phase: Hufige Corona-Sptfolgen


 The  second phase begins around the fourth week after infection. This is often referred to as “long covid” or “post covid” and includes various long-term consequences that occur in the majority of those affected. ©

 The  most common sequelae are:

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  • Strength Exhaustion
  • Shortness of breath
  • Joint and chest pain
  • to cough
  • Loss of smell

According to the study, the second phase has not yet been fully completed by most people, which is why it is difficult to say how long this phase of the disease really lasts. In many cases, however, the long-term effects heal again.

In a conversation with the Bavarian Broadcasting (BR) Neuroscientist Jessica Freiherr confirmed that around half of all corona patients still have to struggle with odor problems four weeks after infection.

Expert: Not all late effects are known yet

But the virus is still too young to know the total number of possible long-term and late effects. “We will not be able to provide a valid answer to the question of possible delays until the year 2021 at the earliest. Fortunately, neurological symptoms can regress for up to a year,” said the General Secretary of the German Society for Neurology German press agency.

Another possible long-term consequence could be Guillain-Barr syndrome. ©

 The  rare inflammation of the nerves is said to be favored by the coronavirus and leads to paralysis of the hands and feet.


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Study shows devastating longterm coronavirus consequences


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