Sugar free from fructose, but still without chemical sweeteners


 The  shelves of local supermarkets are full of products that are sweet but at the same time “sugar-free”. Anyone reading the label already knows that there are different sweeteners involved here, which are often anything but natural. While this is mostly about calories, the products of the carpentry startup Frunix have a different background. © The y are also not “sugar-free”, but only free from a certain type of sugar: fructose. And they can do without sweeteners from the laboratory.

Frunix: alternative to the ubiquitous fructose

Fructose can be found in common table sugar (approx. 50 percent) as well as in common alternatives such as honey (approx. 40 percent). Fructose intolerance, at least in mild forms, is extremely common and affects almost a third of the population (figures for Germany). In addition, the sugar also promotes diseases such as fatty liver, diabetes 2 and gout, as well as obesity. With its products, Frunix wants to counter a whole range of problems. © The  Carinthian startup offers sugar, baking sugar, cough syrup and honey substitutes.