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Supermarkets are only allowed to be open until 7 p.m.
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Because of the corona pandemic, supermarkets have only been allowed to open until 7 p.m. since November. © The  grocery store would like to have the old opening times again, but the union rejects the request.

Due to the corona pandemic, the food trade has only been allowed to open until 7 p.m. Of course, supermarkets would like to have their old opening hours again, as there was some resistance to the mandatory shortening. © The  debate now seems to be gaining momentum again, according to a report by ORF Vienna. © The  union wants to stick to the 7pm rule.

Longer opening times as a step towards normalcy

Rewe (Billa, Penny et al.) Argues that the shorter opening times at peak times lead to other professional groups after hours. Spar (Spar, Interspar, Eurospar) – the company was rather critical at the beginning of the shorter opening times – would “also not say no” to longer opening times.

“A return to normal opening times would be a step towards normality for the population and would also ease the flow of customers. That would be helpful in terms of reducing contact,” said the report from the Spar press office. “It should be noted that due to the shortened opening times to 7 pm, working customers have limited shopping opportunities after the end of the day, which means that peak times can increase,” said Rewe.

Union wants to stick to shorter opening times

© The  union only wants to see the opening times implemented until 7 p.m. as long as exit restrictions apply,” a spokesman for the GPA made clear to the APA on Sunday. “© The reafter, there will be no more reduced opening times.” © The  union representative spoke of a “misunderstanding”.

“Many people in Austria work from home and can therefore structure their day differently,” argues Anita Palkovich from the GPA union. “From that point of view I don’t really see a problem that it works.” If the store was only opened for eleven hours, the advantages for trade employees would outweigh the argument that if the store was opened for twelve hours, everyone could meet their shopping needs. “I just won’t let the argument count,” said Palkovich.

© The  social partners have negotiated the currently applicable 7 p.m. rule in retail due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the union does not want to deviate from the closing time at 7 p.m., according to ORF Vienna. Eleven hours of open grocery stores are sufficient, according to the GPA union.

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Supermarkets opening times Coronavirus Vienna


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