Surprise in the recall: DSDS candidate Lika from Hamm has to sing in the cowshed


For Bejtulla Lika from Hamm there was a surprise in the recall from Deutschland sucht den Superstar (DSDS). Instead of the international recall to Mykonos, the DSDS candidates went to the cowshed.

Hamm – In the casting of DSDS (RTL) hat Bejtulla Lika (18) cleared properly from Hamm.  The re was praise from the jury, especially from the chief juror and pop titan Dieter Bohlen.

Broadcast: Germany is looking for the superstar (DSDS)
Sender: RTL
Format: Casting show
Year: since 2002
Occupation: Moderation Alexander Klaws, Jury as Dieter Bohlen

And also with the fans of the RTL-Show the 18-year-old is popular. In the comments of the latest recall video on the YouTube channel DSDS is Lika as Favorite for the live shows acted. Among other things, it says:

Candidate from Hamm at DSDS (RTL): Foreign recall on Mykonos

“Bejtulla is awesome on another level. He’ll win, remember this comment! “

“Bejtulla is so good, insane! © The  guy has really star appeal. ”

Bejtulla Lika from Hamm (center) has to prove his talent at the recall in the cowshed.

© TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

Bejtulla Lika is surprised by the many positive reactions. “I didn’t expect it at all, but I’m glad that people I don’t even know write something like that about me. But it also increases the pressure. I don’t want to disappoint you. “

First of all it has to be DSDS-Candidate but managed to make the international recall on Mykonos from Hamm. In the new episode, the DSDS candidates move into the “Unrenovated Princely Room”, a barren wing in the monastery. “In two group dormitories with Camp beds to assemble, sleeping bag and bathroom without shower and without warm water they have to show whether they can get by with little and still deliver, “says RTL’s follow-up announcement.

DSDS recall in the Bronnbach monastery: Without a mobile phone and warm water

“We got on the bus and had to take ours Hand in cell phones. We all thought we’d go to the airport and then to the International recall. We drove for a long time, but then suddenly we were back at the monastery, ”he says DSDS-Candidate from Hamm. For Mykonos if the candidates need the golden ticket, they had to earn it with another group appearance.

Equal is in a group with the candidates Serzan „Serrano“ Mehmedov and Kevin Jenewein. Together they have to do the song „Someone You Loved” elaborate by Lewis Capaldi. A challenge for the candidate from Hamm. “That was really bad for me, I don’t know any English and then I had to learn the text,” he says in an interview with


 The  episode is on Saturday 20. February, from 8.15 p.m. on RTL to see.

List of rubric lists: © TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

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Surprise recall DSDS candidate Lika Hamm sing cowshed


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