SV Waldhof loses again: This is how the game at FC Hansa Rostock ended

SV Waldhof loses again: This is how the game at FC Hansa Rostock ended

3rd league – FC Hansa Rostock celebrates a narrow victory against SV Waldhof Mannheim on Saturday (February 20th). This is how the game went in the Ostseestadion:

  • 3. League: Hansa Rostock versus SV Waldhof Mannheim.
  • Hansa Rostock celebrates against Waldhof button 1-0 victory.
  • Neidhart meets for Hansa, SV Waldhof collects third defeat as a result.

Hansa Rostock – SV Waldhof Mannheim 1: 0 (1: 0)

Hansa Rostock Kolke – Neidhart, Riedel, Löhmannsröben (60th Roßbach), Scherff – Rother (89th Daedlow), Rhine, Omladic (71st Farrona-Pulido), Bahn, Türpitz (60th Swede) – Breier (71st Lauberbach)
SV Waldhof Mannheim Königsmann – Gohlke, Verlaat (79. Marx), M. Seegert, Donkor (55. Osei Kwadwo) – Christiansen, Ma. Schuster, Costly, Saghiri (46th Gouaida), Jastrzembski – Martinovic (46th Roczen)
Tore 1:0 Neidhart (22.)
referee Dr. Martin Thomsen (Kleve)

SV Waldhof Mannheim loses at Hansa Rostock –  The  ticker for reading

Final whistle! Nothing happens in stoppage time, SV Waldhof Mannheim loses 0: 1 (0: 1) at Hansa Rostock and has to put up with the third defeat in a row.

90. Minute: Four minutes are replayed.

88. Minute: Kolke clears the free kick to a corner. This then brings no danger.

87. Minute: Scherff is cautioned after a foul on Gouaida. Another good free kick position for SVW.

86. Minute: © The  last minutes are running. Can you think of anything else in Mannheim?

81. Minute: Gohlke’s right eye is swollen shut after a duel. ©

 The  defense attorney is currently under treatment.

79. Minute: Marx comes for Verlaat.

79. Minute: ©

 The  final phase is running. ©

 The  SVW has still not had a big chance.

74. Minute: Almost 2: 0! Lauberbach prevails against Königsmann, his shot is cleared by Seegert on the line.

71. Minute: Farrona Pulido and Lauberbach replace Omladic and Breier.

65. Minute: ©

 The  course of the game is currently interrupted by a lot of nicknames.

62. Minute: Double change with the hosts: Türpitz and Löhmannsröben make way for Swede and Roßbach.

60. Minute: An hour has now passed, Waldhof can hardly get through the compact Rostock defense.

57. Minute: Löhmannsröben sees yellow after a tactical foul on Jastrzembski.

55. Minute: Glöckner changes again: Osei Kwadwo comes into play for Donkor.

50. Minute: ©

 The  Mannheimers are now coming out of the cabin with verve.

46. Minute: Go on, SVW has made two changes: Roczen and Gouaida replace Martinovic and Saghiri.

Hansa Rostock against SV Waldhof Mannheim – This is how the first half went

Pause in Rostock. A game in the Ostseestadion that has so far focused on a duel and has little chance. With the only real opportunity of the lot Hansa took the lead through Neidhart (22nd). From SV Waldhof Apart from a long-range shot from Martinovic, nothing has come offensive. See you soon!

41. Minute: Gohlke, the second SVW defender, is cautioned.

40. Minute: Bahn takes a lot of time at a corner, his cross ultimately does not cause any danger.

35. Minute: First approach of Mannheim: Martinovics shot missed the goal of Kolke but clearly.

32. Minute: We are still waiting for the first Waldhof chance. Rostock has so far been extremely compact.

30. Minute: Omladic’s free kick can catch Königsmann safely.

27. Minute: A long-range shot from Rhein goes clearly over the gate.

24. Minute: Rhine runs around Christiansen and sees yellow.

22nd minute: Rostock takes the lead with the first chance of the game! Omladic forwards a hoe to Neidhart, who gives Königsmann no chance with a hard shot.

18. Minute: Verlaat sees the first yellow card of the game due to a foul on Bahn.

17. Minute: Rostock is now taking control.

13. Minute: A lot of playback errors currently on both sides, but this is also due to the bumpy lawn.

11. Minute: Jastrzembski’s low cross finds no taker.

10. Minute: Both teams are still feeling their way, there was no chance yet.

8. Minute: Striker foul on Verlaat – free kick Waldhof.

4. Minute: ©

 The  SVW takes control in the first few minutes.

1. Minute: ©

 The  game is on.

Hansa Rostock against SV Waldhof Mannheim in the live ticker: lineups


 The  Lineup of SV Waldhof Mannheim versus Hansa Rostock is here: ©

 The re are two changes compared to the loss to contractions: Anton Donkor, who recently retired due to muscular problems, made it into the starting line-up in time and replaced the suspended one Marcel Hofrath on the left outside. Also plays Jesper Exits For Marcel Gottschling, Gerrit Gohlke move to the right side.

  • List of Hansa Rostock: Kolke – Neidhart, Riedel, Löhmannsröben, Scherff – Rother, Rhine, Omladic, Bahn, Türpitz – Breier
  • List of SV Waldhof Mannheim: Königsmann – Gohlke, Verlaat, M. Seegert, Donkor – Christiansen, Ma. Schuster, Costly, Saghiri, Jastrzembski – Martinovic

Hansa Rostock against SV Waldhof Mannheim in the live ticker: This is the referee

Update from February 20 – 12:45 p.m.: Hello and welcome to our Live-Ticker! Here you can find out everything about the third division game today FC Hansa Rostock versus SV Waldhof Mannheimthat started at 2 p.m. in Ostseestadion in Rostock is kicked off.

referee the lot is Dr. Martin Thomsen from Kleve, who is supported by his assistants Dominik Jolk and Florian Visse.

Hansa Rostock against SV Waldhof Mannheim in the live ticker: Donkor in the starting line-up?

Preliminary report: After two home defeats in a row is the SV Waldhof Mannheim am Saturday demanded again in a foreign country. ©

 The  team of trainers Patrick Glöckner guest at the table third FC Hansa Rostock.

Anton Donkor is available again after his injury break. It is still open whether the left-back will be allowed to start right from the start. With Marcel Hofrath However, if another option is missing on the left side of the defense, yellow-blocked.

Hansa Rostock against SV Waldhof Mannheim in the live ticker: Marx back in the squad

In addition, will Jan-Hendrik Marx back in the squad for the first time since matchday seven. Arianit Ferati has suffered a setback in training and is not yet an issue for the Rostock game. “Hansa Rostock has rightly stuck to the top“Says Bell ringer about the coming opponent who “a similar style of play“As the SVW propagates. (mab)

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Waldhof loses game Hansa Rostock ended


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