Sven Hannawald: Sugar-sweet! His children, Glen and Liv, grew up so big

 Sven Hannawald: Sugar-sweet!  His children, Glen and Liv, grew up so big

Sven Hannawald is still the most famous German ski jumper today. A lot has happened since the end of my career. Above all, he has become a proud family father.

As a ski jumper, Sven Hannawald (46) has achieved everything that can be achieved. He was the first to win all four partial competitions of the Four Hills Tournament. That was 20 years ago. Everyone knew the athlete, he and Martin Schmitt (43) were the Germans’ favorite. But the pressure grew. Hannawald later admitted that he suffered from burnout and sought treatment. Today you don’t notice any more of it, because it has finally arrived. He married his wife Melissa Thiem (31) in November 2016, and their first son, Glen (4), was born in February 2017.  The  family then completed daughter Liv (1). All the worries are forgotten when you see these recordings today, because the Hannawald kids are really cute – a great mix of mom and dad!

Long time no see! We’ll show you the two rascals and above all how much Glen enjoys his special day – you can see all of this in the video above.

Wow, these athletic kids: Boris Becker’s son shows off his six-pack

While Sven Hannawald’s children are still in the “they are cute” phase, Boris Becker (53) looks completely different. Son Elias (21) in particular often leaves us open-mouthed because of his six-pack. Wasn’t he just really small and cheeky? And now he’s trained down to the last muscle!

We show you the eye-catching son of tennis legend Boris in the video:

Six pack to fall in love with - son Elias turns everyone's head

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Sven Hannawald Sugarsweet children Glen Liv grew big


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