Swiss giant slalom debacle – “This is the blackest day of my career”


Four medal hopes, three are eliminated in the first run:  The  Swiss experience a nightmare in the World Cup giant slalom. For them it is a “World Cup to forget”.

The frustration remains: Marco Odermatt does not live up to the great expectations.

 The  frustration remains: Marco Odermatt does not live up to the great expectations.

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 The y had calculated more, a lot more. Like in training, for example. «You’d think we should be in every race drode to stand on the pedestal»says Marco Odermatt. So great were the expectations.

But it will not turn out as the Swiss had imagined, that is already clear after the first run of the World Cup giant slalom in Cortina. Odermatt opened the race, the crown favorite, the man who expected a medal from himself. He failed, and shortly afterwards Justin Murisier and Gino Caviezel were eliminatedthe giant slalom, a debacle.

An extremely bad start: Favorite Marco Odermatt is eliminated.

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Only Loïc Meillard is still there, the Romand had already saved the Swiss men from medalless days in the parallel race and in the combination, he won bronze twice. After the first run he is fifth, it is possible to get on the podium, he says, «I hope I can do it».

Odermatt cannot be cheered up

Odermatt, on the other hand, speaks of «blackest day ma career». For the Nidwalden, apart from an injury in December 2019, the World Cup has only climbed steeply so far, now he is experiencing a major setback for the first time. He was already without a medal in the Super-G, calculated more. A journalist from Welsh tried to cheer up the 23-year-old, saying that he was still young and that there would be many more world championships in his career. Odermatt says: «Yeah, that’s something that can be said nicely, but it doesn’t change anything today.» It’s a strange day.

Is came to the World Cup with a lot of pressure, he expected a medal from himself, as did many others. Odermatt himself assures, however, that he did not fail because of the pressure. He leaves with a fourth place in the downhill from Cortina, a small success, «the smallest chance was the best for me»says Odermatt.


 The  giant slalom team in Switzerland is stronger than ever. This is shown regularly in the World Cup, everyone has already made it onto the podium, Odermatt even won a race. That is why the appearance at the World Cup is remarkable, after 14 drivers had started, three were eliminated, all of them Swiss.

Bitter: Gino Caviezel had big plans, but failed in the first run.

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«It’s a World Cup to forget»says Caviezel too. At first he was not allowed to start the Super-G because his brother Mauro got fit just in time. ©

 The  native of Graubünden traveled home to prepare for the technical disciplines. With sobering results. First he parted Combi Slalom out, then he didn’t make it into that Decision of the parallel races. And finally the out in the giant slalom, his favorite discipline, he had to fight the slopes, but also says: «I still have to be able to drive it.»

Two mistakes: Justin Murisier is also eliminated from the World Cup giant slalom.

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For Caviezel, the World Cup is over, three starts, three failures. Team mate Justin Murisier’s record is only slightly better. ©

 The  long injured man drove his best season in a long time and also celebrated a podium. Now he is traveling with an eighth place in the combination, he also failed in the parallel race.

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Swiss giant slalom debacle blackest day career


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