Tariff cracker at freenet Mobile: Cheap all-network flat rates in the Vodafone network with no connection fee



You can secure a cheap mobile phone tariff in the Vodafone network with no connection fee for a short time with freenet Mobile. We present the offer to you in more detail.

If you are looking for a cheap new mobile phone tariff in the strong Vodafone network with plenty of data volume, you will find it at freenet Mobile.

 The  provider has a particularly attractive offer available until February 28th at 11:59 p.m. On the one hand, the tariffs have been greatly reduced in price, on the other hand, you also save the normally due 30 Euro connection fee.

freenet Mobile

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LTE Allnet Flat 5 GB

  • 5 GB data volume

  • Allnet flat rate for telephony and SMS

  • Flexible term

In addition to five gigabytes of data volume, the tariff also includes an all-network flat rate for telephony and SMS. Thanks to the flexible term, you can decide whether the tariff should run monthly, for one or two years. © www.de24.news

 The  internet speed is 21.6 megabits per second and is therefore sufficient for video and audio streaming.

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freenet Mobile

freenet Mobile

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Tariff cracker freenet Mobile Cheap allnetwork flat rates Vodafone network connection fee


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