Tel Aviv: If you get vaccinated against Corona, you get a free drink


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Special offer in Tel Aviv: Those who get vaccinated get a free drink

See in the video: Israel is now vaccinating 16-year-olds against Corona.Israel is expanding its vaccination program.  The  Middle Eastern country is now vaccinating people over the age of 16 as well. According to the Ministry of Health, around 35 percent of the 9 million residents have already received the vaccine from Pfizer-Biontech. This puts the country in first place worldwide. ©

 The  newly vaccinated Sapir Elhanani says what many 28-year-olds in Germany would probably like to say: “I am very happy to have been given the opportunity to receive a vaccination as an Israeli and as someone who is still very young. I am also very happy to see the vaccination success in this country, I hope that everyone will be vaccinated soon so that we can all protect ourselves, get back to normal, have fun again and go to work. “©

 The  vaccinations showed according to information Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already had positive effects. Among the over 60-year-olds, the number of Covid-19 cases has almost halved in the past two weeks. ©

 The  number of difficult disease courses in this age group has decreased by a quarter According to the Ministry of Health, 84 percent of people over 60 have already received a vaccination. Netanyahu had actually hoped for a partial opening of the economy this month thanks to the rapid vaccination program and a tough lockdown. ©

 The  new virus variants would increase the number of infections and deaths overall but increased again and do not allow the government to do this Israel is still one step further on the way back to normal.


Israel wants to convince young people of the Covid-19 vaccination – among other things with free drinks and meals. Even more tempting, however, is the prospect of being able to participate in social life again very soon.

A drink and a spade in the upper arm – that’s what parties look like in Israel these days. While the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 is getting off to a slow start in Germany, vaccination there is in full swing. According to the Ministry of Health, nine million citizens have already received a vaccination, which is more than 40 percent of the total population. Bit by bit, normality and joie de vivre return.

In order to reach as many people as possible with the vaccination, the government is taking sometimes unusual measures. This includes, among other things, vaccinating in bars. In Tel Aviv, the pop-up bar “Jenia” offers this service, reports Israeli media. © The re you can get the vaccine quickly, easily and without making an appointment – and then a free drink. Alcohol-free, emphasize the organizers.

Tel Aviv: Young people can get vaccinated in cash


 The  campaign is aimed primarily at young adults who might be more skeptical about the vaccination than older people, who tend to get seriously ill with Covid-19. ©

 The  offer is well received in the Jenia bar. Dozens of young people queued to get their vaccinations and drinks, reports the Times of Israel portal. “If the boys don’t come for the vaccination, the vaccination will come to them,” said Maya Nouri, a member of the Tel Aviv City Council.

In cooperation with the city’s restaurants and bars, several such attractive vaccination offers are currently being created. For example, there was a free snack in one of the restaurants for those who were vaccinated there. Tel Aviv is soon to become the up-and-coming, exciting city it was before the Corona crisis. “We all want to get back to normal life,” said Tomer Moore, chairman of a restaurant owner association for the Jerusalem Post. “©

 The  more people are vaccinated, the more we can get the heart of this city beating again.”

Israel opens with “Green Pass” for vaccinated people

For the time being, drinks or meals are only available to take away with the vaccination offers. However, restaurants and bars in Israel should be allowed to reopen at the beginning of March. Fitness studios, hotels and places of worship will open as early as Sunday, and concerts should be allowed again – but only for vaccinated people. And so it is not primarily free drinks or meals that motivate the population to vaccinate. Anyone who has received two vaccinations against Covid-19 receives a so-called “Green Pass”, a kind of vaccination card on the smartphone, and is allowed to participate in social life again.

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Tel Aviv vaccinated Corona free drink


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