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 The  Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Labor of Lower Austria joined in the call for wider recognition of the coronavirus self-tests on Sunday and brought technical aids into play. © www.de24.news The y ask for an app for the recognition of self-tests.

Since some services are only possible with proof of a negative coronavirus test, there have recently been an increasing number of voices who want to have the so-called nose drilling tests for body-related services recognized – most recently on Friday by the Lower Austrian regional crisis team – more on this in nose drilling tests: Land demands recognition (noe.ORF .at; February 19, 2021).

But also a practicable possibility for checking or recognizing the test results was more and more an issue in the past week. © www.de24.news The  Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKNÖ) and Lower Austria Chamber of Labor (AKNÖ) also made a proposal for implementation on Sunday. With the help of a QR code and an app for smartphones, the procedure of the examination, the time validity and a clear assignment of the tested person could be “recorded and saved for presentation”.

Improvement called for for further loosening of the industry

Corresponding solutions have already been developed. © www.de24.news

 The y would now have to be approved by the Ministry of Health, appealed WKNÖ President Wolfgang Ecker and AKNÖ President Markus Wieser together in a broadcast on Sunday. “This concept would also establish a feasible and simple solution for the future in the catering, event, cultural and sports sectors. That creates the best possible prospects for thousands of employees, ”said Wieser.

“A quick recognition of the company tests helps the company and the employees to a great extent. Recognized self-tests, which must be free of charge for companies, also greatly relieve the test roads, ”added Ecker according to the broadcast. In order to guarantee the safety and temporal validity of the rapid tests, both called for “improvements that could be implemented immediately”.

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