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 The  Baden-Württemberg state government wants to adopt an expanded test strategy today. For this purpose, four million rapid tests are to be made available from the state reserve.

Teachers and educators can have themselves tested twice a week free of charge. According to SWR information, the state government wants to provide a million rapid tests for this. If cities and municipalities also procure additional rapid tests, they should receive a lump sum from the state.

Rapid tests for those at particular risk, both professionally and privately

Three million rapid tests from the emergency reserve are provided for people who are in close contact with people who are particularly at risk or who are particularly exposed at work. © www.de24.news The se include people who look after relatives, but also bus drivers, police officers, election workers and cashiers. You can get tested in doctors’ offices or pharmacies.

For example, after the first plans for a rapid test strategy in Baden-Württemberg became known on February 17th. reports:

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According to the Baden-Württemberg City Council, numerous municipalities have developed their own test strategies in order to be able to offer additional quick tests. In this regard, Böblingen and Tübingen, among others, had received a lot of attention nationwide, some of which have been running a strategy with rapid tests on their own for months.

Further easing in lockdown on the agenda

Furthermore, the government wants to decide on Tuesday whether nurseries, garden markets and flower shops can reopen on March 1 after weeks of corona lockdown. Everything indicates that Baden-Württemberg is following the example of other countries such as Bavaria. This means that florists can reopen their shops at the same time as hairdressers.

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Test strategy adjusted SWR Aktuell


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