Thanos Petsos: “It was a district league kick”

Thanos Petsos:

WSG Swarovski Tirol – spusu SKN St. Last 0: 1 (0: 0)
Referee: Sebastian Gishamer

Thomas Silberberger (Trainer WSG Swarovski Tirol):
… after the game: “We missed two top chances in the first half. If we take the lead, then maybe we’ll leave the field as winners. St. Pölten was the expected tough opponent.  The n it is symptomatic of such a game that a standard situation decides the game. I mourn a little for the lead I missed, because those were two absolute top chances. Now we have made the situation unnecessarily sharp. (…) I already said at halftime that the team does not appear as a team, but that everyone experiences their ego trip a bit. If every player is ten percent on the ego trip, then you are one less and that’s how it felt. It bothered me a lot at halftime. © The n we couldn’t correct it. We have to take ourselves by the nose. I’m disappointed.”

… about the top 6: “We missed a great opportunity.”

“Just long balls, duels and a standard that ultimately decides the game”
– Thanos Petsos

… before the game over the top 6: “We now have St. Pölten, Hartberg and Admira within a week. We made 7 points out of these three games in autumn. If we do that again, we will be one and a half feet in the master group. ”

Thanos Petsos (WSG Swarovski Tyrol):
… after the game: “It was a regional league kick, definitely. Just long balls, duels and a standard that ultimately decides the game. (…) We tried to play out from behind, the opponent was low, suggested the balls and hoped that they would win the game via a counterattack or a standard. In the end they did too. “

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Thanos Petsos district league kick


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