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THAT are the hamster purchases in the second lockdown!


Many stores closed for two months

Empty shelves in supermarkets in the first lockdown: pasta, flour and toilet paper were in short supply. For weeks. But that doesn’t seem to be an issue in the second lockdown. Since December 16, 2020, most of the shops have been closed again due to Corona. Fitness studios, massage parlors and beauticians are also not allowed to open. This has an impact on consumer behavior. Which products are now increasingly ending up in customers’ shopping carts.

More color, less styling

Because the hairdressers are not yet open, people apparently also need fewer styling products to get their freshly blown hairstyle into shape. And if you don’t go out in the evening, you don’t have to style yourself. In the hair styling segment, in particular, sales have therefore declined by double digits compared to the previous year. Other hair products are currently experiencing a real boom: Online providers such as eBay and Amazon confirm that the demand for hair scissors and hair machines is continuing. “We make as many orders in a week as in a month in 2019,” quotes a dealer who sells hair cutting equipment on Amazon.

Equally high in sales: hair dyes and tints. According to the calculations of IRI, the sales of the manufacturers are up to 40 percent higher than in the previous year. Drugstore employees confirm that they are asked much more frequently about the use and product range of hair dyes in the branches, according to

Tomato paste and energy drinks

Spaghetti with tomato sauce or a basis for a homemade pizza: Cooking is currently being done at home and it should also be delicious for the children. This is why many people are now increasingly turning to tomato paste as the basis for tomato sauces. According to, the IRI recorded an increase in sales of over 30 percent.

Since the beginning of the year, consumers have also increasingly placed energy drinks in their shopping carts. “

 The  weather may make many people feel tired and exhausted, and energy drinks are seen as stimulants,” say industry analysts. In addition, consumers would use the drinks to mix cocktails, so further.

Toilet paper is still in stock


 The  demand for toilet paper decreased compared to the previous year. Nevertheless, the paper is still in great demand. Many work from home and the restaurants are tight. So at the moment we only go to the toilet within our own four walls.

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