That’s what Xiaomi says about the rumors about their own electric car


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Xiaomi commented on the reports about the possible construction of its own electric car. Accordingly, the Chinese tech company has not launched a formal Mi-Car project.

 The  e-car industry is no stranger to Xiaomi. ©

 The  tech group from China, which is best known in this country for its smartphones, is a shareholder in the Chinese Tesla challengers Xpeng and Nio. Both also rely on Xiaomi technology, for example when it comes to intelligent vehicle networking or vehicle apps. In addition, Xiaomi is said to have worked on the mini electric car Baojun E300. Reports that Xiaomi is planning to build its own electric car, but the group has now rejected it.

© The  mobile phone market is weak, e-cars are booming


 The  Chinese online platform Late Post reported on the weekend, citing a company insider, that a possible entry into the electric car market was a strategic decision for Xiaomi. ©

 The  smartphone market is stagnating while the electric car market is booming. According to the company insider quoted, Lei Jun, founder and CEO of Xiaomi, personally intends to personally head the relevant department in the group. However, there was no official confirmation of the development of a Mi Car from Xiaomi. Further details about the alleged electric car were also missing.

Instead, there was a statement from Xiaomi, listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, on the reports about the potential plans to enter the electric car business on Sunday evening. Specifically, it says: “©

 The  group has not initiated a formal project when it comes to an investigation into the business of manufacturing electric vehicles”. However, Xiaomi admitted that the group is interested in the industry and is monitoring the relevant trends.

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© The  latter can hardly be denied. ©

 The  Late Post collected evidence of the Group’s interest in the e-car industry in recent years. Lei Jun, for example, is said to have met Tesla boss Elon Musk several times in the United States in 2013. ©

 The  Xiaomi boss later described the electric car industry as very exciting. In addition, Lei Jun is said to have had talks with the Chinese e-car manufacturers Xpeng and Nio about the market, but initially did not seem very convinced of Xiaomi’s chances. That doesn’t seem to have changed if you believe the Xiaomi announcement about the reports about a possible Mi Car.

Xiaomi electric car: Huawei and Apple are showing the way


 The  Chinese Xiaomi competitor Huawei recently showed how an entry into e-mobility for a company outside the industry could work. ©

 The  cell phone manufacturer, badly shaken by the US sanctions, presented its own motor for electric cars in November with Driveone. Above all, this should ensure that the batteries are recharged quickly. In addition to the hardware, Huawei has also developed electric car software. Apple is also supposed to be working on its own electric car. Most recently, it was said that production could start in 2024 or 2025.

(Note: ©

 The  Xiaomi statement was added to the article on February 22nd.)

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