That’s why Andrej Mangold and Jennifer Lange really split up


Mangold cites “different ideas for the future” as the main reason. “Me 34, she 27 … We were just at different points in our lives where she wanted to be a little freer than me. I was already thinking of having a family of my own.”

 The  shitstorm that followed after their joint participation in the “Summer House of Stars” was the drop that finally broke the barrel.

Can he imagine a love comeback with Jennifer Lange?

Fans of the couple, who met and fell in love with the “Bachelor” in 2019, still mourn the relationship today. And so the question of a love comeback repeatedly comes to both of them. Andrei assures that he tried. He is someone who fights “till you drop” when he likes something. He thinks he gave everything. But in the end “it shouldn’t be,” regrets the 34-year-old.

Jennifer Lange seems to have completely broken up with the relationship. Just recently, she clearly ruled out a comeback with Andrej Mangold in her Instagram story. “I have no contact with him. And no, there won’t be a love comeback either,” the fitness trainer declared resolutely.

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Andrej Mangold Jennifer Lange split


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