That’s why professional Erich Klann no longer joins the dance


He is almost one of the veterans of “Let’s Dance”. But in the coming season, professional dancer Erich Klann will not be there. He now explains the absence in more detail:  The re are family reasons!

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 The  “Let’s Dance” ensemble will have to do without one of its professional dancers in the future: Erich Klann has decided to turn his back on the RTL show after ten years. ©

 The  33-year-old announced this in a detailed Instagram post.

Klann has been part of the popular RTL show since 2011. In all the seasons he was allowed to learn a lot about himself, “about the show world, about successful people, interesting personalities and long, hard training days”. Now it is time for a “change” that “should take place with my family”.

Klann had already decided in December 2020 to leave “Let’s Dance”. In the months before, he would have had a few questions to think about, such as: “How long will I be away from my family for what feels like an eternity?” or “When do I have the time to build a house and finally get married?”.

In the future, Klann plans to work “on a long-term project” with his partner, professional dancer Oana Nechiti, with whom he has a son. He now wants to devote himself to his fitness, his dance school, new TV formats, his own home and family tasks. A separate podcast is also being planned. It is not known whether the exit is permanent or only applies to one season.

Erich Klann has been part of the regular cast of “Let’s Dance” since the fourth season. He won the show twice: in 2012 with Magdalena Brzeska and in 2016 with model Victoria Swarovski, who now hosts the dance show. In the other seasons he danced with “Celebrity Big Brother” candidate Simone Ballack, model Lilly Becker, TV star Cora Schumacher, Judith Williams and most recently with comedian Ilka Bessin.

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professional Erich Klann longer joins dance


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