That’s why Vettel has not yet tested for Aston Martin

That's why Vettel has not yet tested for Aston Martin

( – Sebastian Vettel has not yet tested for his new Formula 1 team Aston Martin. Team boss Otmar Szafnauer explains why in an interview with ‘auto motor und sport’ and with the fact that you are “not a big team”.

Sebastian Vettel has to wait for his first test run for Aston Martin


“We lease our engines and transmissions. ©

 The y do not belong to us. We have to give them back after the season,” says Szafnauer. “That’s why we don’t have an old, drivable car that we do [Vettel] could provide. “

Means: Vettel can only get to know a racing car of his new team during the official winter tests before the start of the season. But the four-time Formula 1 world champion is supposed to gain initial experience in a virtual environment.


 The  plan is for him to come back to us before the tests [in die Teamzentrale nach England] comes “, says Szafnauer. But:” Everything depends on how you can travel. “

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In addition, Aston Martin still has to bring its in-house simulator up to date, “with that [Vettel] can drive the last development specification “, the team boss continues. In this way, Vettel could gain initial knowledge of his new car before the first track test.

Clear goal: Aston Martin wants to finish third in the 2021 World Cup

Aston Martin has big plans for 2021: Last year, the team, then called Racing Point, scored championship points in 16 of 17 races, but sometimes did not maximize their own opportunities. That should be different this year, says Szafnauer: “We need more consistency in scoring. If we can do that, we can finish third. That must be our realistic goal.”

It was precisely this third place in the Formula 1 constructors’ championship that Racing Point had lost to McLaren in the 2020 final, despite two third places, a second place and a win by Sergio Perez.

And that’s how it should go on, according to Szafnauer: ©

 The  Aston Martin team boss is already talking about “podium places”, if his racing team succeeds “quickly from the starting blocks [zu] come”.

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In addition, his team must make better use of opportunities that arise. “If it goes our way, how [2020] in Bahrain or Turkey, we should be able to put the car on pole position and have the chance of a few wins, “said team boss Szafnauer.

Interesting: He explicitly speaks of “victories”, although Perez scored the team’s first win in almost two decades last year. ©

 The  racing team, which previously operated as Racing Point, Force India, Spyker and Midland, last won a Grand Prix with Giancarlo Fisichella in 2003 – and was then still called Jordan. (More on this in the Formula 1 database!)

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Vettel tested Aston Martin


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