The Android 12 theme widget was introduced before launch


May we notify us before the first developer preview is released, one of the big new features in Android 12 is the advanced customization features. Although these new options won’t appear in the first developer preview, a smart developer has managed to give us a first look at the new theme tool for Android 12.

Last month we announced that Google was working on this new detailed theme system, which can either be manually adjusted or automatically adjusted to your wallpaper. Android developer Kdrag0n Share a few screenshots on Twitter That shows the last option.

In the screenshot below, where it was activated manually in Developer Preview 1, Android’s new theme tool picks 12 colors from your background image and adjusts the system, from quick settings and notifications to buttons and slides in the Settings menu ”. This new tool is codenamed “monet” Kdrag0n, It works “well” in the first developer preview version.

Through their own research, Dylan Roussel and Kyle Bradshaw found that some of the files that “income” would depend on for full functionality are not yet in Android 12 Developer Preview 1, which is probably part of the reason why this is a lot of work backstage. To activate it (we haven’t been able to activate it ourselves yet).

At the moment it is not entirely clear when Google will release the “Monet” customization tool for Android 12 for users. However, given its release in recent years during the Android 12 beta, it makes more sense. This year’s schedule will be released sometime in May.

Dylan Russell And the Kyle Bradshaw Contribute to this article.

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Android theme widget introduced launch


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