The Bachelor: Death drama in Jacqueline’s family – while she is with Niko Griesert


Drama for Bachelor candidate Jacqueline. After filming, she learned that her dog Tyson had died.

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Big grief for Bachelor candidate Jacqueline. While the 23-year-old was vying for the heart of Niko Griesert, a drama took place at home. She only found out about this after the shooting.

Berlin – This Drama surrounding the current Bachelor season leaves no one indifferent. While candidate Jacqueline (23) wanted to conquer the heart of Rosenkavalier Niko Griesert (30), a real tragedy took place in her home country. During the dome show, the 23-year-old’s dog fell ill with cancer. Jacqueline only found out about this after the shooting (

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 The  Bachelor candidate still suffers from the consequences of the painful death of her seven-year-old boxer Tyson. It seems that there is a curse on the 23-year-old because she had to say goodbye to her two other dogs beforehand, they too suffered from cancer

Bachelor candidate Jacqueline’s dog dies of cancer

During the current Bachelor season, Jacqueline knew nothing of the tragic fatethat should take place in her home. “Little did she know that her dog was seriously ill with cancer while filming. She only found out about the drama when she got home and cried bitterly, ”a good friend told (Read here: ©

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Jacqueline’s dog, Tyson, passed out while filming the current Bachelor’s season. At the vet the bitter diagnosis followed: cancer of the abdomen. Her parents opted for surgery and chemotherapy in tablet form. Tyson was even better at times, but he could no longer see his mistress.

What are the chances for Jacqueline at Bachelor Niko Griesert?

“After the operation, his condition was stable, so my parents decided not to tell me about it for the time being,” said the Bachelor candidate. “Be His condition deteriorated dramatically and he lost the battle against cancer. “Even weeks later, the brunette is still very sad about this drama. “To be honest, I’m still bad. But I know that he no longer has to suffer and I’m relieved about that. I think that in some cases I haven’t even realized it. “

After all, it seems to be going up for Jacqueline and Bachelor Niko Griesert (©

 The  Bachelor (RTL): All previous Bachelor’s at a glance – Paul Janke and Co.). In the episode of February 17, which can be seen on RTL and TVNOW, the two get to know each other better in a one-on-one conversation. If the 23-year-old was just one of many pretty women, she should now have finally appeared on Niko Griesert’s radar. (Subscribe to our Telegram channel now and be the first to read our best stories.)

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