The Bachelor: Worst date ever – even Niko Griesert is bored


 The  Bachelor: Niko Griesert invites you to a group date in the mine – “the most senseless date ever” (photo montage)


Bachelor (RTL): In episode six, Niko Griesert invites you to a group date in the mine – this turns out to be the most boring date ever. Freezing girls and a bachelor’s degree with which they were only allowed to exchange five words.

Berchtesgaden – A date with “Bachelor *” Niko Griesert (30) – that’s why nine women are currently vying for RTL *. ©

 The y all seem to have fallen in love with the likeable Osnabrück and are now trying to win his heart. But the TV * format always distinguished dream excursions, the group date in episode six, which will be broadcast on Wednesday (February 17th, 2021), backfired: a bored Bachelor and four girls who only spoke five sentences with him were allowed to change. Especially for candidate Linda©

 The  most pointless date ever”, * reports.


 The  Bachelor 2021: Niko Griesert invites you to a group date – but that backfires

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Relaxing in the spa together or experiencing an adventure at lofty heights – many people certainly dream of such a group date. So did the candidates on the RTL show “Der Bachelor”. With one exception: Linda. Already at the invitation she seemed to have lost her pleasure, she has been courting a single date for days and is repeatedly put off. (Read here: ©

 The  Bachelor (RTL): All information about the new season with Niko Griesert on RTL from January 20, 2021 *)


 The  Bachelor: Group dates in the mine turns out to be the worst date

But after the first frustration has passed, she makes her way to the Bachelor together with Mimi (26), Stephie (25) and Jacqueline (23) (That became of the couples of the previous seasons *). “Folks, we envy you, it will be really awesome”, mourn the women left behind after the date. But the big announced “adventure” turned out to be one of the worst dates in the end.

“Today I am going to find out the world of local miners with the girls, the women,” explains Niko Griesert *. In the Berchtesgaden salt mine, they would go together on the trail of the miners. “I think we have a very nice day ahead of us and I’m happy,” says Niko positively. In freezing cold, the girls are taken by train through the dark tunnels of the mountain to the Osnabrücker who is already waiting for them at the first station.

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 The  Bachelor: Linda calls group dates the “most pointless date ever”

In addition to a film about the mine and a ride over the water with a light show, they slide down a no less than 34 meters long slide – probably the most exciting of the whole date. Closely followed by the snack, which rounded off the date and gave the girls at least a moment to talk to the Bachelor. “During the tour, my favorite moment was the crossing,” Niko *, who also seemed bored, tries to get something positive out of the date.


 The  Bachelor: In episode six, Niko Griesert invites you to a group date in the mine


While Stephie is allowed to stay with Niko, the other girls are already on their way home. “Believe me, be glad that you were here – in a nice, warm house“Linda blurts out. Mimi, on the other hand, tries to see it positively. “I didn’t think it was as bad as everyone else said. I mean, you’re only there for him. You are happy about every minute you can spend with him, ”the 25-year-old announced in the subsequent interview with RTL. (All candidates of the RTL show at a glance *)


 The  Bachelor: For Stephie, the date seemed to end well.



 The  most pointless date ever – go there to hear the other guy”, Linda summarizes the worst date of the entire Bachelor’s period. Hopefully the “Bachelor” girls will have more exciting dates in the future …

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