The banks of the Rhine are closed on weekends


After crowds on the weekend
No lingering in the old town of Düsseldorf

© The  city of Düsseldorf wants to impose massive restrictions on the old town. © The y are supposed to prevent another rush of visitors this coming weekend. ©

 The  police will increase their presence.

© The  city of Düsseldorf reacts to the mass rush over the weekend with massive restrictions on visiting the old town. A whole series of new rules should apply for the coming weekend. ©

 The y should also deter foreigners from visiting. ©

 The  plans were presented at a press conference on Monday afternoon.

  • A stay ban is issued In the old town: just go, don’t settle down. Sitting down picnics or eating ice cream are therefore prohibited. © The  regulation applies in the area of ​​mask compulsory.
  • ©

     The  mask requirement is expanded A mouth protection must not only be worn in the previously applicable area in the old town. ©

     The  area will be expanded from the Rheinterrassen in the north to the Dreieckswiese in front of the KIT. ©

     The re is also a no-stay in this zone.

  • ©

     The  outside staircase on Burgplatz remains closed for the time being

  • ©

     The  car access to the Mannesmannufer will be blocked Among other things, this should keep the auto pose scene away. In addition, many foreigners had illegally parked their cars on the promenade.

  • ©

     The re is a crisis talk about Carlsplatz From the point of view of the city administration, the market was also far too full. ©

     The  store management should talk about how the hygiene concept can be better adhered to. Christian Zaum, head of the regulatory affairs department, threatens that bans will be issued there as well.


 The  head of the Corona crisis team, city director Burkhard Hintzsche, and the head of the regulatory affairs department, Christian Zaum, were concerned about the events at the weekend. Hintzsche warned that the British mutation was on the rise in Düsseldorf. It is considered to be significantly more contagious.

Until the weekend he was of the opinion that Düsseldorf was still on the right track. “We can’t gamble away our advantage now,” warned Hintzsche. “If the population does not behave sensibly, further regulatory measures must be adopted.”

Zaum admitted that no one saw such a rush on the old town coming over the weekend. © The  field service of the public order office, the OSD, was on the road with increased presence, but was no longer able to bring the situation under control.

More than 300 administrative offense proceedings had been initiated, but it was noticeable that they often led to discussions or aggressive behavior. Zaum announced an increased police presence for the coming weekend.

According to the department head, the personal details recorded by the public order office on Saturday showed that 60 to 70 percent of visitors to the old town came from the surrounding area. © The  restrictions that the city now wants to impose are intended to send a signal that a trip to the old town is not currently desired. A decision will be made early next week whether the rules will continue to apply.

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