The best games with free upgrade for next-gen


“No Man’s Sky” has developed enormously in recent years.

© The  big games for the new consoles are still a long way off. Fortunately, older games also benefit from the additional performance and receive free upgrades. Our top 5.

We’ll show you five games that look nicer, run smoother and even become more playable thanks to free next-gen updates. Those who consider themselves lucky and already have a PS5 or Xbox Series X / S at home should definitely play these games. Or maybe even play again.

«No Man’s Sky» – complete revision in the next-gen guise

Hardly any other game in the last generation had such a turbulent history as the colorful space simulation from Hello Games. After a disappointing launch, the game fought its way back into the hearts of gamers with countless free expansions. © The  preliminary highlight is now a comprehensive next-gen update with more detailed graphics (4K resolution), a smooth gaming experience (60 frames per second) and up to 10 times faster loading times.

Anyone who left the game disappointed in 2016 should definitely give “No Man’s Sky” a second chance.

Available for: PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/X/S, PC
Original release: 2016

«Nioh 2» – An all round more pleasant gaming experience

With ultra-heavy “Souls-like” games such as “Nioh 2”, next-gen upgrades not only bring about visual improvements, but also have a direct impact on the gameplay.

Precision and perfect timing are essential in the fight against the supernatural opponents in «Nioh 2». With the higher frame rate on the PS5 (60 instead of 30 frames per second), attacks can be placed even more precisely and enemy attacks can be repelled even more precisely.

Anyone who has ever sniffed the next-gen upgrade will find it difficult to return to the old 30 frames per second.

Available for: PlayStation 4/5, PC
Original release: 2020

“Halo: Master Chief Collection” – Six classics reinterpreted

Before the Master Chief embarks on a new space adventure with “Halo: Infinite” at the end of 2021, Halo fans can replay all six previous titles from the legendary Xbox franchise with the “Master Chief Collection”.

Regardless of whether it is a single-player campaign, split-screen multiplayer or online multiplayer – the entire collection runs in all game modes in (dynamic) 4K resolution and with a smooth 120 frames per second. “Halo” has never looked so good! Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play the collection free of charge.

Available for: Xbox One/X/S, PC
Original release: 2014

“Rainbow Six: Siege” – competition at the highest level

In competitive shooters like “Rainbow Six: Siege”, fractions of a second often decide between victory and defeat. A smooth gaming experience without stuttering and with a high frame rate is a must for fair matches at a high level.

With the free next-gen update, console gamers can now also enjoy (dynamic) 4K resolution and up to 120 frames per second.

Available for: PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/X/S, PCOriginal release: 2015

“Days Gone” – Finally no more stuttering

In addition to “God of War” (2018) and “Ghost of Tsushima” (2020), the PlayStation exclusive open world game “Days Gone” (2019) can also enjoy a small but nice next-gen upgrade on the PS5 .

While these games “only” tweaked the frame rate, this makes a big difference, especially with “Days Gone”. Even the largest zombie hordes with hundreds of undead can finally be shot away on the PS5 without jerking in smooth 60 frames per second.

And the best thing about it: All PS5 buyers receive the game (and the upgrade) for free as part of the “PlayStation Plus Collection”.

Available for: PlayStation 4/5
Original release: 2019

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