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 The  wave of PS5 sales expected for February has turned out to be a small brook with PS5 stocks constantly sloshing over to dealers. If you wanted to buy a PS5, you had several opportunities to do so. In addition to good luck, however, lightning-fast reactions were required to be one of the few who could order a Playstation 5 from Saturn, Expert or Euronics. ©

 The re will also be PS5 sales this week. Read here where the best chances are currently and how you can increase your personal chances of buying a PS5.

Where can I buy a PS5?

In recent weeks it has been shown that Sony is trying to spread PS5 deliveries. Even if large retailers such as Amazon or MediaMarkt naturally have greater pulling power, Sony also supplies smaller shops such as Euronics or Expert with Playstation 5 consoles. We assume that this will continue to happen and dealers will be supplied in a more or less specific order. So it would be the turn of dealers who didn’t get a chance last week. We therefore assume that it will be possible to buy a PS5 again from Amazon in the course of the week. In addition, Otto has not had a Playstation 5 for a long time, which is why we believe that it will be possible to order the PS5 from Otto in the near future. ©

 The  games industry branch also expects that the next dealers to be taken into account are those who “weren’t there last time”.

How can you increase the chances of buying a PS5?

Since the battery of our crystal ball is unfortunately defective, we cannot predict with certainty when and where you will be able to buy the Playstation 5. However, the chances of getting a console can be increased by creating an account at all relevant shops such as MediaMarkt so that you can strike at lightning speed if the PS5 is available. Time and again, users report that they came across an orderable PS5, but the order process was canceled during processing. So there is no time to lose here. Otherwise, you should do the same and for every dealer like Alternate who is suspected of having a PS5, open a browser tab so that a click on the refresh button is enough to check availability.

Here we expect PS5 stocks to come soon

Sony Playstation 5 on Amazon 499,99€

Euronics comments on PS5 sales concept

Last week Euronics surprised with an unusual sales concept. Users had to stand in a digital queue, within 30 minutes over 130,000 prospective customers were waiting for the opportunity to buy a PS5 from Euronics. Euronics then made a statement on the Playstation 5 development and said that they were “very satisfied with the development of the last wave of sales of the Playstation 5”. Björn Abel, Purchasing Manager at Euronics added: “In the interests of our customers, this time we implemented a special concept to avoid over-selling and BOT attacks, including the installation of a captcha and other technical measures. ©

 The re was a clearly structured queue concept on www.euronics .de, which has enabled the customer to complete the order and the payment process cleanly. At the peak time after about 1.5 hours, more than 130,000 users were interested in buying a PS5. After the entire contingent had been sold, we stopped the sale. “Euronics did not comment on whether there will be further PS5 sales this week.

Saturn and MediaMarkt with PS5 bundles

Saturn and MediaMarkt had put together three PS5 bundles in the last few weeks and offered them for sale. Among other things, the Playstation 5 with Spider-Man: Miles Morales was available for 549.99 euros. You could also order the PS5 in a bundle with Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, at a price of 539.99 euros. At MediaMarkt, the bundles have now disappeared from the shop. Saturn still leads the PS5 offerings. It may be possible to order a PS5 again from Saturn in the course of the week.

PS5 + Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition 569,99€

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 The re are no costs for the user.

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