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Discounters like Lidl and Aldi regularly offer inexpensive alternatives to branded products. For example, be it e-bikes – or as in this case – a food processor. From today, February 22nd, Aldi Süd is offering the Ambiano kitchen machine for around 1,000 euros less than the  The rmomix. But can the machine even keep up with the branded device?

© The rmomix clone at Aldi Süd

© The  Ambiano kitchen machine offers the basic complete range as well as the expensive competition. Users can set both clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. Eleven speeds can be selected in clockwise rotation, such as a stirring level for gentle preparation of the food. ©

 The re are three preparation stages available in counterclockwise rotation. In addition, the Ambiano kitchen machine offers pre-installed programs for specific products, for example soups, steaming or preserving jam.

© The  food is prepared in a 2.2 liter stainless steel mixing container and processed with a stainless steel blade. ©

 The  machine has a maximum output of 1200 watts and offers a motor output of 800 watts. If desired, you can switch on various heating functions.
Ambiano kitchen machine on offer at Aldi Süd

© The  special thing about it: Ambiano connects the food processor to the WLAN and thus makes it smart. For you, this means that you can also operate the device via the app on your smartphone or tablet. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. You can view all the settings you want on the built-in display – but not select them.

Food processor for 200 euros – is that possible?

If you look at the drastic price difference between branded products and those from Aldi, questions arise. What can the cheap kitchen appliance do? ©

 The  discounter charges 199 euros for the Ambiano kitchen appliance. ©

 The  opinions of customers vary on the Internet: For many people, the ©

 The rmomix clone lasts for years, while others complain about the opposite.

It should be positively emphasized that the Ambiano kitchen machine has a decent range of functions. Additional accessories are included in the scope of delivery so that the device can be used in a variety of ways – for example for cooking, but also for cooking, baking and mixing. In addition, a timer is integrated into the machine as well as additional heating functions that can be activated. Users are taken by the hand and receive more than 200 recipes via app. In addition, Aldi offers a five-year guarantee.

On the other hand, it is a pity that the Ambiano kitchen machine is WLAN-capable and offers a display, but that has no other function. It’s not a touchscreen; an integrated cookbook is also missing. In addition, according to the manufacturer, the machine is not so good for hard food. ©

 The y can be pureed for a maximum of one minute. Ice cubes must also not be handled with the device. One reads again and again about the severe inaccuracy of the built-in scales. Overall, however, the inexpensive ©

 The rmomix alternative offers a good complete package.

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