The Classic transition and the options at a glance


As part of the World of WarCraft:  The  Burning Crusade Classic announcement, Blizzard Entertainment described how the transition from World of WarCraft Classic to © The  Burning Crusade Classic will take place. This brings the normal Classic servers up to date with ©

 The  Burning Crusade. Alternatively, it will be possible to play permanently on a WoW Classic server (without Burning Crusade) or to “clone” your character for a fee so that you can then play both. A price for “cloning” was not given. ©

 The  character name is also reserved on both realms.

As soon as the Burning Crusade Classic prep patch is released, players will have to make a choice for each existing character from WoW Classic – either play ©

 The  Burning Crusade or stick with the content from WoW Classic (no more expansions and no more content updates). In the desktop app you will be able to choose between WoW Classic and Burning Crusade Classic.

Blizzard: “You will have to decide on which of the two game types you want to continue playing with your available characters. When you log in with a character on one of these clients for the first time, you will be asked to confirm that you really are this character in this game version Once you’ve chosen a realm type, the clone of that character will no longer be available on the other client – unless you choose to ‘clone’ it using an optional, paid service. Players who don’t If you want to decide, you can ‘clone’ any character from WoW Classic using an optional, paid service. ©

 The  heroes in Burning Crusade Classic can take on new challenges, while their old characters continue to experience the original adventures on an era realm from Classic. Clones are from a point immediately prior to the Burning Crusade Clas Prep Patch sic and do not include subsequent progress or development of the character. So if you play your character from WoW Classic several months after the preparatory patch has been released and clone it at a later point in time, you will receive a clone without the progress made in these additional months. “


 The  Blood Elves and Draenei will be available as new races on Burning Crusade Classic Realms with the release of the Prep Patch. However, the developers have not given any information about the release date. By the way, there will also be a chargeable character boost in ©

 The  Burning Crusade Classic (only one boost per account), with which you can directly create characters at level 58 (no blood elves or draenei, no professions, level 40 mount, blue dungeon -Equipment).


 The  transition and the options at a glance:

  1. “On patch day you open your desktop app and decide which game you want to play: Burning Crusade Classic or WoW Classic.
  2. Your existing characters will appear under your old realm names in both game types.
  3. Once you’ve decided on a game type, select a character and confirm your choice.
  4. If you want to play your character on both realm types, you have the opportunity to use an optional, paid service to play with a clone of the character on both game types.
  5. ©

     The n you just have to log in as normal and you can play. “

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Classic transition options glance


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