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Finally you can PS5 again to buy: This week is supposed to PlayStation 5 in larger numbers at several dealers in the sale come. We have all the information.

Lots of potential PlayStation 5 buyers have been waiting for this for many weeks, but now it should finally be that time again: After the rest of the processing of numerous past pre-orders, the 4th sales wave of the PS5 should finally take place shortly.

 The  industry portal “” reports on the appeal of several large online retailers who are also involved in the big PS5 sale this week. What we know so far about the 4th sales wave of the PS5, you can find out here:

02/21: Who will sell the PlayStation 5 when next week? | ©

 The  current status

With another big dealer has the new ones “PlayStation 5” consoles especially in the form of several game bundles put on sale at the end of last week. It was the last big sale in a week that was mixed for many PS5 buyers: Many sales promotions were postponed at relatively short notice. Some of the PS5 contingents were sold out in a flash. And dealers like Expert started their PlayStation 5 sales in the middle of the night. Demand for the PlayStation 5 has once again blown the limited number of consoles that actually went on sale.

As of today, February 21st, there are still no sales windows for another dealer. It is likely that, and could get into PS5 sales in the coming week. Whether that will be on Monday or not until the end of the week is currently not at all foreseeable.

Based on the experiences of the last few days, we strongly advise you to keep an eye on Amazon & Co., because PlayStation 5 sales could start at any time and without much warning:

02/18 © The se dealers had the PS5 on sale

Update: has put on sale a small contingent of the PlayStation 5 in a bundle with Spider-Man: Miles Morales: PS5 + Spider-Man

In the past few days have, and put their PlayStation 5 consoles up for sale and saw a massive rush. According to “”, at least one other retailer will start selling the PS5 today: Unfortunately, who that is and when the PlayStation 5 will start selling is currently still completely open. In fact, retailers are said to be increasingly relying on console bundles with a second controller and possible PS5 games.

02/15 German dealers do not want to announce the sale beforehand

Last week was a bit of a letdown for many PS5 buyers. Only Medimax and GameStop brought new contingents of the PS5 on sale in Germany. In Austria, was by far the largest seller.

But this week it should finally be ready: Any minute could the new sale of the PlayStation 5 consoles at Amazon, Media Markt, Saturn & Co. start. ©

 The  problem: Unfortunately, the dealers will not communicate in advance exactly when it will start. As “” now reports, there are great fears that the servers could collapse due to the influx of customers. has already officially confirmed, for example, that there will be no preliminary information about PS5 sales.

02/11: ©

 The se dealers have already sold the PS5

Has in the morning the PlayStation 5 put on sale. Initially, both the standard and the digital version were sold. Bundles with games were also available later. All PlayStation 5 versions are now completely sold out again. Media Markt Germany could also follow suit today with a similar offer! was the first German retailer to start selling PS5 around 14 o’clock. After a few minutes that was it PS5 console quota already sold out.

02/10 Swiss dealer makes the start

As the first retailer in the German-speaking area, the Swiss retailer has put “World of Games” ( on sale. Both the normal PS5 (499 Swiss francs) and the digital PS5 (399 Swiss francs) are currently available again and are limited to one copy per buyer! It is assumed that the next dealers will also start selling in Germany in the coming days. UPDATE: As “World of Games” announced, the 4th wave of sales had to be ended after a short time because all PS5 consoles were already sold out. So writes “World of Games”: “Our current contingent of PS5 consoles is unfortunately already sold out. We have to suspend advance sales for the PS5 for an indefinite period of time.”


 The  next Swiss dealer already wants to tomorrow, namely Fust.chto start selling the PS5. At the moment it looks as if German retailers like, & Co. will start selling PlayStation 5 at the weekend. We’ll keep you up to date here!

Buy PS5: When will the 4th wave of sales start?


 The re is currently no specific information about when exactly sale of the PlayStation 5 should start. And that will unfortunately not change: “” reports that the German retailers will not communicate the start of PS5 sales in advance for fear of a rush of visitors.

However, as soon as it is clear when the official PS5 sale starts, we will try to communicate this as soon as possible.

The PS5's DualSense controller Gaming

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PS5 sale: © The se dealers will probably be there for the 4th wave!

The PS5's DualSense controller

 The  PS5 is finally back in online stores! Sony Playstation / Xenia Bluhm Photography

In the meantime, information has also been leaked about which dealers are the PS5 will probably go on sale in the coming days. This of course includes the usual suspects who have also been there in the last wave of sales:





Media Markt





The PS5's DualSense controller Gaming

PS5: PlayStation 5 currently available from these retailers | Update

PS5: ©

 The se dealers sell the PlayStation 5 … Read more “

In principle, all PS5 buyers should only place their orders with actually known retailers and authorized shops, as there have been several cases of fraud with fake shops in the past.

How long will the 4th sales wave of the PlayStation 5 last?

This question is also difficult to assess: Although the dealers will probably get by far the largest PS5 console contingent for some time in February, the demand is currently significantly higher than the existing goods: ©

 The  PS5 contingents are probably the same as in the last larger ones Waves sold out in a few minutes. At least there may be further sales in the course of February, but after that there will probably be no new PS5 deliveries for a long time.

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